Noah Laybolt

Noah Laybolt is a freelance journalist in St. John's.

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Announcement of vacancies in St. John's affordable housing met with flood of applications

Deputy Mayor Sheilagh O'Leary says as soon as the city revealed a 19 per cent vacancy rate, the inquiries started rolling in.

With a little help, St. Andrew's Elementary replaces its Pride flag

With its cherished Pride flag tattered by bad weather, the school asked Pride St. John’s for help with raising a brand new one.

For kidney donor and her husband, military help with shovelling is literally life-saving

For Carolann Harris and her husband Chris, recovering from a kidney transplant means they couldn't shovel their driveway after the blizzard. Thanks to the military, Harris says ambulances can now reach her and her partner.

Van bursts into flames after being dug out from snow

After clearing the snow around his girlfriend’s van, a Petty Harbour man returned 10 minutes later to find it on fire.

Did you overspend at Christmas? Here are 4 tips to handle holiday debt

Credit counselor Al Antle explains how to tackle the aftermath of excessive spending.

Missing horse in Deer Lake returns on Christmas Eve

After offering a reward and sharing pleas for help finding her missing horse on social media, Gwen Wilcox’s horse was found in its stable alive and well.

'I just want to find her': Woman says horse was stolen day before Christmas Eve

Gwen Wilcox’s horse, Brandy, disappeared the day before Christmas Eve in what she says was a theft.

Ponchos and petals: Meet the Mexicans bringing Día de Muertos to St. John's

This Friday, Santiago Guzman will celebrate Día de Muertos on Canadian soil for the first time, with the help of other Mexicans in St. John's.

Here's what sex workers think about lifting the massage parlour ban

A city council member wants to put forward a motion that would lift the moratorium on massage parlours in St. John’s. Not all sex workers think that’s a good idea.

Ban on massage parlours should end, says St. John's councillor

Maggie Burton plans to introduce a motion to lift a moratorium that was put in place four years ago.