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Melissa Tobin is a reporter based in Gander, working for CBC Newfoundland Morning. Reach her at

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Hooked on baths: Artist recreates life-size bathrooms made entirely of wool

Textile artist Larry Weyand never took many baths growing up. Their new exhibit explores why using quirky bathroom replicas of their childhood bathrooms, made in wool.

How this 9-year-old turned her jewelry-making hobby into a side hustle for the whole family

London Drover, 9, of Grand Falls-Windsor started making jewelry for fun. Now she's selling her products with the help of her whole family.

Wheel happy: Co-workers chip in to give Grand Falls-Windsor teen his first car

Eighteen-year-old Logan LeDrew of Grand Falls-Windsor was given a car by his co-workers — a car he himself had a hand in fixing up.

A father, son and grandson reunite on a Newfoundland race track thanks to DNA test

Three Newfoundland men who happen to share a love of mechanics found out they're all related through a DNA testing website. What's more, some of them already knew each other.

A trip to recovery: N.L. patients using psychedelics therapeutically, hoping for legal vindication

A growing number of Newfoundland and Labradorians are using psychedelics for mental health and addictions therapy. They think the laws — and the attitudes toward the drugs — need to change.

This hydroponic farm on Fogo Island grows fresh greens year-round

Fresh, leafy greens all year-round? Sounds like a fantasy in Newfoundland and Labrador. But father and son Hayward and Dwight Budden built that dream into a reality.

Meet the Gander teen sharing his passion for family history online

Like most teens, Parker Matchim spends hours of his free time online. But instead of TikTok or Twitch, you'll find him searching through historical archives and genealogical sites for his family lineage.
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Children of the moratorium: Why this woman wants to bring her hometown to the world

After travelling the world and seeing places like Panama, Vietnam and Australia, Toni Kearney felt the call to go back to Conche and open up a tourism business of her own.

Meet the N.L. turkey farmers bringing even more than the bird to the table

Chaulk's Heritage Farm in Glovertown processed more than 1,600 turkeys for Thanksgiving. Meet the family that is driven to provide more local poultry and produce in the province.

Need a dermatologist? After central N.L. clinic closes, only St. John's options remain

When Dr. James Coffey leaves Grand Falls-Windsor this summer, all of N.L.'s specialists in the field will be on the Avalon Peninsula.