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Martin Jones co-hosts CBC Newfoundland Morning each weekday from Gander.

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Exploring Newfoundland and Labrador, one Riff's department store at a time

Lee Stewart of Conception Bay South created the Riff's Department Store Challenge as a creative way to explore the province he loves.

N.L. now has its very own queer history archive

The N.L. Queer Research Initiative just launched a collection of rare documents and photographs detailing the province's LGBTQ past, and it's the first of its kind in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Gander air force base ends relationships with faith-based charities, including Salvation Army

With Gander's air force base deciding to review the list of charities it's raising money for this year, 9 Wing will no longer support faith-based charities, including the Happy Tree, organized by the Salvation Army.

U.S. doctor's offer of free medical help for Fogo Island rejected after licensing snag

Dr. Paul Hart, a licensed physician in Massachusetts, offered to work on Fogo Island for free for three months. While the Fogo hospital, mayor and provincial health minister support the idea, Hart has had problems getting a provincial medical licence here.

A 1957 time capsule was discovered at Gander Academy. Here's what they found

Gander Academy marked the end of the school year by cracking open a time capsule sealed in 1957. Sixty-five years later, staff and students eagerly waited to see what was inside.

Chewed out for chewing: Little-known disorder leaves sufferers frustrated by ordinary sounds

Misophonia is a relatively unknown condition that causes people to experience intense reflex reactions to everyday sounds like loud chewing or sniffling. It can result in frustration and lashing out and is often a source of shame and embarrassment. CBC's Martin Jones details his personal struggle.

Grand Falls-Windsor teen's summer business is on wheels — literally

Emily Hewlett, 16, and her mom, Julie Ferraro, opened a food truck during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite health restrictions, the dessert truck is selling out daily.

Small Talk at Smallwood Academy: Teacher creates a virtual talk show to engage students

Gambo educator Jo-Anne Broders developed a way to engage her isolated students. Their talk show has booked guests that include a nurse in a pandemic hot spot, and Health Minister John Haggie.

Paramedics suiting up with extra gear to protect themselves and patients on 911 calls

If you've ever had to call 911 for a medical emergency, you may have seen paramedics rushing to the scene whose protective gear is often limited to gloves. During the pandemic, however, that has changed.

Meet the Springdale teacher who knits 'science hats' for her students every year

Ruth Cameron started making the hats in 2004 to connect with her students. She had no idea it would become a beloved school tradition.