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Mark Quinn is a videojournalist with CBC's bureau in St. John's.

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N.L. family fears 78-year-old waiting too long for heart surgery

Kyla Connors is speaking publicly about the impact the long wait for heart surgery has had on her mother and her family.

St. John's family waiting months for N.L. collaborative clinic after losing family doctor

A St. John's woman says her family hasn't been able to get medical care at Collaborative Team Clinic since losing their family doctor in January.

Why a retired general is desperate to rescue an Afghan interpreter from the Taliban

Months after the Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan, an interpreter who worked with Canadian soldiers is still in hiding, despite the efforts of a retired brigadier-general from Newfoundland to get him out.

Mount Pearl couple married 73 years separated by health-care system

The family of couple who've been separated by the health care system after more than 70 years together is calling on the Newfoundland and Labrador government to reunite their parents for the remaining years of their lives.

Hospital overcrowding quick fix 'a Band-Aid on a massive bleeding wound': N.L. paramedic head

A temporary measure to deal with the Health Sciences Centre's overcrowded emergency department is a sign that Newfoundland and Labrador's health-care system is struggling to meet the demand for services, says the leader of the province's paramedic association.

Former N.L. PC leader Ches Crosbie donated money to support the Freedom Convoy

Crosbie says he chose to support the protesters in Ottawa with an $800 donation, arguing that states of emergencies have gone on too long and that a vaccine mandate is unconstitutional.

N.L. policies 'pushing me back down,' says woman who lost drug coverage after returning to school

A St. John's woman says the provincial government is forcing her to choose between her health and an education that she hopes will get her off income support.

International trade bans imposed on N.L. and N.S. poultry after avian flu kills thousands of birds

The European Union and nine countries, including the U.S., have put trade restrictions on some poultry products from two Atlantic Canadian provinces after a strain of avian flu that's deadly for birds was identified at a Nova Scotia turkey farm.

N.L. needs to be better prepared for rise in long COVID cases, say patients

People in Newfoundland and Labrador are calling for better treatment for long COVID — a cluster of symptoms — often including chronic fatigue and brain fog — that persist long after initial infection with the virus that causes COVID-19.

Frequent overcrowding at N.L. hospitals shows health care is 'broken,' says nurses' union

The leader of the province's registered nurses union says information obtained by CBC News about the frequency of overcrowding at one St. John's hospital proves that Newfoundland and Labrador's health-care system is in crisis.