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Marilyn Boone is a retired journalist who worked for CBC News in St. John's.

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Provincial court judges to get pay raise denied by government

A court ruling released Friday will put about $32,000 a year more into the pay packets of provincial court judges.

Jeffrey Crocker family 'through the moon' after missing nephew found safe

Tom Crocker says his nephew is tired but is doing well after being spotted near a worksite in Goulds Monday.

Beauford Place drugs test positive for fentanyl, heroin

Lab tests have proved that drugs seized from a home in the east end of St. John's last Saturday include fentanyl, which has been linked to at least 17 recent overdoses in the metro area.

Jumping their way to better health, and having fun doing it

Hundreds of Newfoundland and Labrador children from 90 schools are having fun this week at Jumpfest in St. John's.

10 years that changed lives: Why the Hungry Heart Cafe is about more than the food

The restaurant offers a steady job and a chance to be "part of a community."

Best rack competition is not just about size

The entries should be pretty impressive, if this example from organizer Tony Chubbs is any indication.

$10M announced to plug 'billion dollar' infrastructure problem

Towns around the province face "emerging crisis" in drinking water and waste water treatment, according to MNL

Surf clam Indigenous quota will mean jobs, revenue for Labrador partner

An Indigenous group in Labrador is making no apology for joining with Atlantic and Quebec partners in a deal to harvest coveted surf clams.

Condo furniture stolen in St. John's recovered in Quebec, thieves still at large

One of the suspects is no stranger to police in Quebec and served jail time for forcing women into prostitution, and for other violent crimes.

Little Dog is a series about boxing that's really about family

The main character is a failed fighter, but boxing is also a metaphor in a new CBC-TV show.