Lynette Adams

Lynette Adams is a freelance writer based in St. John's.

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First Person

What this digital nomad learned during the COVID-19 lockdown

When Lynette Adams first learned the term "digital nomad," she already was one: working while travelling. Like many, she has had to reinvent her career during COVID-19.

Rube & Rake finished a record just before the pandemic. Its release comes at a good time

As we face the return of the colder, darker months while continuing to weather the universal storm of COVID-19, this collection of songs occupies the tricky spaces between anxiety and optimism, between obligation and aspiration, writes Lynette Adams.

For N.L. musicians, the pandemic means now is the time to improvise 

The challenge for musicians is to find ways to make their art and their performances accessible and be financially sustainable, writes Lynette Adams.

Local supporting local: New website aims to become hub for N.L. businesses

Ashley Fayth Vardy is transforming a frustration — not being able to find local, independent businesses — into an entrepreneurial opportunity of her own, writes Lynette Adams.

Self-care in the time of coronavirus: Here's what this instructor knows

For many people in the pandemic, writes contributor Lynette Adams, the primary challenge is how to live under the constraints of just staying home.

What this mom of a child with a rare disease would like you to know

Pallister-Killian mosaic syndrome is a rare disorder that affects many systems of the body. As Lynette Adams writes, a three-year-old with the condition needs more attention and care than that required by an infant.
Point of View

Living in perpetual motion: I'm a digital nomad, and it's given me the world

Between jobs and homes at the same time, I had lots of options for where I could settle. It never occurred to me that settling itself was an option.