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Lori Lee Oates, Ph.D. is a lecturer in the M.Phil. (Humanities) program at Memorial University and has worked in the senior levels of the provincial and federal governments.

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It is time for a just transition off fossil fuels. This is what it could look like

The time for putting off a just transition is over, writes Lori Lee Oates, but that raises the question of exactly what a just transition should look like.

Canada's political parties cannot 'greenwash' their way through another election

The governing Liberals have positioned themselves as climate champions, but their record paints another picture altogether, writes Lori Lee Oates in this column for CBC Opinion. She argues that politicians need to align themselves with scientists — and many voters.

Our leaders are assuming too much, too fast on Gull Island

The world is moving away from building dams. Why, then, writes Lori Lee Oates in this column for CBC Opinion, do Newfoundland and Labrador's leaders appear to be rushing into another hydroelectric project after the ruinous Muskrat Falls?

Low-carbon oil is not a thing, and 'clean, green' technology does not exist

That government is acting in the best interest of oil companies rather than citizens tells you something about where the power lies, writes Lori Lee Oates in a new Opinion column.

Just because something is popular doesn't mean it's good policy

Governments need to base their policy on evidence, not on the wishes of big business and the donor class, writes Lori Lee Oates.

The way our leaders are responding to cascading crises is completely predictable

Doubling down on doing more of what we already know is a familiar political problem, writes Lori Lee Oates. So too, she says, are backroom deals that concentrate power and avoid accountability.

We're in a climate emergency. It's time for our leaders to start acting like it

Not everyone wants an oil recovery, writes contributor Lori Lee Oates, who instead calls on politicians to focus on climate change and the damage of fossil fuels.

Are we capable of governing ourselves? A hard look at our financial crisis

Newfoundland once gave up its legislature and elections in exchange for debt relief. As the debt climbs again, contributor Lori Lee Oates says we need to rethink how we manage our affairs, starting with how we approach natural resources.

The time is now: We can no longer wait to act on poverty and the minimum wage

A national advocacy group put a living wage for Newfoundland and Labrador at $18.65 an hour — or about seven dollars more than the minimum wage. Columnist Lori Lee Oates says incoming premier Andrew Furey should make it a priority.

Austerity doesn't work: We cannot cut our way to prosperity

Since 2015, much political economy analysis has come to the conclusion that austerity does not work. It generally hurts the working class the most, even though it is the elite political class that creates our financial problems, writes Lori Lee Oates.