Leigh Anne Power

Leigh Anne Power is a Gander-based reporter working with CBC Newfoundland Morning.

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Labradorite from Madagascar is 'the biggest scam in Newfoundland': prospector

It's Newfoundland and Labrador's official mineral, but two jewellers warn much of what's sold in the province actually comes from Madagascar and is processed in China.

Rural N.L. towns struggling to pay mounting costs of clean drinking water

On any given day, there are about 200 boil-water advisories in place. Some have been there for years — even decades.

Sudden closure of Clarenville dress shop leaves brides and grads scrambling

A Clarenville formal-wear company has gone out of business, leaving many of its customers without their deposits, or their dresses.

Gander penalized 'for doing the right thing' on wastewater cleanup, mayor says

The mayor of Gander says taxpayers are getting a raw deal when it comes to paying for their new wastewater treatment system, and an MP is now fighting on their behalf.

Cause for a causeway? Long Island residents resume push for fixed link

After the resettlement of Little Bay Islands, residents on nearby Long Island are resurrecting an old idea — retiring the current ferry for a causeway.

'She was more than just a body. She was a person': Mother raising money for stillborn beds

When Kelsey Vincent went to a prenatal scan in her 26th week of her first pregnancy, she never expected to come home without a baby.

'Startling' rise in number of people acting as their own lawyers in N.L., says judge

It's not uncommon to look at a court docket in this province and find nearly half of litigants acting as their own lawyers.

Farm mentorship program grows N.L.'s food production, one protege at a time

A government plan to increase the amount of food grown in the province is bearing fruit — or at least vegetables.

Bye bye, french fries! Ciao, chicken nuggets! New school food rules being tested in pilot project

Students across Newfoundland and Labrador's school system could see very different food offerings in their cafeterias, canteens and vending machines next year.

Municipalities looking for loopholes to avoid hefty bills under new wastewater rules

With dozens of N.L. towns unable to afford costly upgrades to wastewater treatment infrastructure, administrators are unofficially looking for ways to avoid hefty fines for non-compliance.