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Julie Skinner works with CBC Newfoundland and Labrador in St. John's.

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Icebergs and whales galore! Take a virtual tour of Bonavista Bay

Whale and iceberg season has come early, but the local tourism industry has been forced to press pause.

Staying alive: How to survive a fall through the ice

Learn these potentially lifesaving tips from Rovers Search and Rescue.

Depression is no picnic for teddy bear man Terry Rielly

The man behind the long-running St. John's Teddy Bear Picnic is opening up about his private battle with mental illness.

On the line: Mental health phone service faces funding uncertainty

A mental health helpline that provides emotional support to people across the province has been facing funding uncertainty since September.

Mark O'Brien makes Hollywood Arrival in new sci-fi flick

Mark O'Brien isn't giving much away about his latest sci-fi blockbuster, Arrival — but is opening up about his first-ever Hollywood red carpet.

Leaving Syria behind: A young family starts over in St. John's

Saleh Isa says, thanks to his family's new life in Newfoundland, smiles have finally returned to his children's faces — but his heart still breaks for the family he's left behind in Syria.

Thunder the Great: Children's book inspired by Fort McMurray gerbil's survival story

A Newfoundland mom who went to great lengths to save her son's gerbil during the Fort McMurray wildfires has the perfect Christmas gift for the kids in her life: a book about Thunder the Great's harrowing escape.

Brakes to blame for Paradise school bus fire, Service NL says

A school bus carrying elementary students caught fire last week in Paradise, and the province says a faulty brake pad is to blame.

From parking spot to paradise: St. John's landscapers push for more green space

Two young landscape architects are putting the park back in parking lot.

Dog owner warning others of Rottweiler attack at Kenny's Pond

A family in the east end of St. John's says their dog was attacked by a Rottweiler while out for a walk and they want other owners to know about it.