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Julie Skinner works with CBC Newfoundland and Labrador in St. John's.

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Whale and iceberg season has come early, but the local tourism industry has been forced to press pause.

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Learn these potentially lifesaving tips from Rovers Search and Rescue.

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Saleh Isa says, thanks to his family's new life in Newfoundland, smiles have finally returned to his children's faces — but his heart still breaks for the family he's left behind in Syria.

Beaumont-Hamel: What happened, and what went wrong

For the Newfoundland Regiment, the Battle of the Somme near Beaumont-Hamel, France, was the most devastating loss of the First World War — and it all happened in a matter of minutes.

'It's definitely still winter on Fogo Island:' Residents react to Justin Trudeau's Easter visit

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's visit to Fogo Island, Newfoundland and Labrador got off to a quiet start this Easter weekend.

Expat voting policy doesn't add up, couple says

A Canadian woman, living and working in Switzerland with her husband, has been told by Elections Canada that the couple can't vote in future federal elections, despite a stipulation which exempts them from a five-year voting rule.