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John Gushue is the digital senior producer with CBC News in St. John's.

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4 new complainants step forward as 13 more charges laid against Paradise teacher

Police said Friday they have charged Markus Hicks, 32, a Paradise, N.L., teacher and volleyball coach, with 13 further charges as part of a widening investigation into luring youth over social media.

New documentary explores the devastating loss of caribou on Labrador's Inuit

Inuit have hunted caribou in Labrador for countless generations — a practice that is now illegal because of the collapse of the once-massive George River Herd. A new documentary examines the impact of losing a critical source of food, and an integral part of Inuit culture.
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Tourism, exports, kombucha: How Bonavista is mixing it up to stay alive

With hip boutiques, restaurants and heritage properties, Bonavista has been rebuilding — if not reinventing — itself for a good few years, writes John Gushue. The town's mayor says selling things abroad, apart from the tourism experience, will be necessary for the future.

Island Lady likely sank quickly and with no warning, TSB rules

Unable to examine a vessel that cannot be found, the Transportation Safety Board of Canada said Wednesday it cannot say what happened to a small fishing vessel that disappeared last year off the coast of southern Labrador. 
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Andrew Furey does a victory lap, but it won't make your grocery bill any cheaper

Premier Andrew Furey was all smiles this week as he produced a list of accomplishments at the House of Assembly — including measures to curb the cost of living.
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COVID-19's burden has overwhelmingly been carried by our most elderly

More than 100 deaths have been quietly recorded since Newfoundland and Labrador dropped most of its public health restrictions. As John Gushue writes, most of the deaths involved seniors.
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Despite Canada's highest jobless rate, here's why N.L. is recruiting Ukrainian refugees

In addition to meeting a critical humanitarian need, Newfoundland and Labrador has made no bones about looking to Ukrainian refugees to fill job vacancies that have gone unfilled. As John Gushue writes, the province's employment situation is more complex than it may first appear.
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With an extinction threat looming, no wonder polar bears are at our door — and on the roof

There's a grim reason why polar bears have been showing up in droves in coastal communities far away from their Arctic feeding grounds, writes John Gushue. Climate change is not only shrinking their territory but is putting the species under intense pressure for survival.
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In a dismal time, Mark Critch's childhood tales have brought us a bit of comfort 

Mark Critch was not sure people could relate to his stories of growing up in 1980s St. John's. To the contrary, Son of a Critch found audiences across Canada. "I think the more singular and personal the stories are," Critch says, "the more people will relate to them." 

All the name changes in the world won't disguise what Bay du Nord has always been about

It's not hard to take oil out of the name of a company or a regulator. But as John Gushue writes, taking oil out of the economy is another thing altogether, as anyone in the federal cabinet will tell you.