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John Gushue is the digital senior producer with CBC News in St. John's.

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Weekend Briefing

St. John's is phasing out corporate and union election donations. What reforms could come next?

Some candidates in the St. John's municipal campaign aren't waiting for a ban that will take effect in four years' time: they are already refusing donations from companies and unions. As John Gushue writes, there are also calls to look at more reforms, including who gets to vote, and when and how.
Weekend Briefing

Want to fix the family doctor shortage? First, you'll need to get a time machine

Almost 90,000 people in N.L. are now estimated to be without a family doctor, and there are complex problems standing in the way of fast solutions. As John Gushue writes, many of the issues on the table were also problems decades ago, when solutions obviously were not found.
Weekend Briefing

Election overload: Whether this federal race is necessary or not, it could blow out the municipal one

Municipal election signs are already peppering the streets of St. John's and other communities. But with a Canadian election now looming, John Gushue writes, the concerns of local candidates may be drowned out by the federal race.
Weekend Briefing

Who was that masked mandate? N.L. is about to turn a COVID corner, but with risks

When Newfoundland and Labrador's mask mandate comes off on Tuesday, will all the masks come off, too? As John Gushue writes, there's certainly no public consensus on what to do in public spaces.
Weekend Briefing

Sticker shock, few routes and a long haul to normal: Getting used to post-pandemic travel

Newfoundland and Labrador has reopened its doors to visitors, and travel activity is gradually picking up. But as John Gushue writes, prices are higher than normal, and no one is expecting travel volumes to return quickly to pre-COVID levels.

An office with a truly open concept: Why the pandemic may change work itself

As the numbers of double-dosed Canadians rises, plans are firming up to bring back employees who have been working from home. But as John Gushue writes, employers and employees alike will be looking at post-pandemic working options.
Weekend Briefing 

Fewer farms, aging farmers: Here's why N.L. needs to get more serious about agriculture 

With the smallest number of farms among the provinces, Newfoundland and Labrador has significant agriculture problems, John Gushue writes, including an aging workforce and the relentless pull of development. 

Andy Wells, iconic and iconoclastic former mayor of St. John's, dead

Andy Wells, a longtime politician in St. John’s who was known across Canada for his bombastic and sometimes caustic jousting with opponents, has died.
Weekend Briefing

Would a Nalcor by any other name smell just as, well, the same?

While the future of Newfoundland and Labrador's Crown energy corporation is up in the air, outgoing CEO Stan Marshall is asking people to care more about the talent running it than its name or structure. As John Gushue writes, Marshall's call for a rapid development of the massive Gull Island project is already sparking criticism.
Weekend Briefing

The monster in our midst: Reckoning with the path between residential schools and foster care

A long-awaited inquiry into Innu children and the child custody system is finally moving forward. As John Gushue writes, the spectre of residential schools that closed years ago still hangs in the air.