John Gaudi

CBC reporter

John Gaudi reports from Happy Valley-Goose Bay for CBC's Labrador Morning.

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Labrador man going to jail for possession of child pornography awaits judge's decision

Valance Job Oliver, who is well known in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, is waiting to hear a judge's decision on his jail sentence after he pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography.

Natuashish man acquitted of attempted murder after conflicting testimony from victim

Nigel Raphael Rich was acquitted of four charges in Happy Valley-Goose Bay Supreme Court when the judge said the case against him hadn't been proven beyond reasonable doubt.

How can you be healthy if you're not treated fairly? Why health care in Labrador is changing

Labrador-Grenfell Health is working with Indigenous groups to improve cultural sensitivity at its health centres in a bid to improve health care for Indigenous people.

Labrador Filipino family in shock after father dies of COVID-19 back home

Two Filipino sisters and their families in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, coping with the loss of their loved one a half a world away in the Philippines, are grateful to have support in Labrador.

Labrador driving examiner who took bribe from undercover cop gets house arrest, probation

Scott Norman pleaded guilty to breaching the public's trust in connection to an 2019 incident when he accepted a bribe from an undercover RCMP officer during a driving examination.

This Hopedale senior had to choose between health and home. He's not the only one

Frank Sillett is one of eight people from Nunatsiavut living in a personal-care home in southern Labrador, pointing to a persistent problem in elder care for the Inuit region.

Happy Valley-Goose Bay woman pleads for sleeping bags after friend dies on frozen trail

Dawn Crocker wants to help people who find themselves with nowhere to go, after Susanna Rich was found dead outside.

Nain community freezer helps tackle food insecurity while enhancing sharing tradition

The community freezer plays a pivotal role in providing traditional food to residents while enhancing a long-standing Inuit food sharing network.

New children's book is based on Innu protests of low-level flying in Labrador

Nutaui's Cap tells the story of demonstrations against NATO's flights, based on the real-life experiences of a young Innu girl.

Goose Bay Airport unveils lactation pod for travelling mothers

Goose Bay Airport is being applauded for installing a high-tech lactation pod that will provide some privacy for women feeding their babies.