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Jane Adey hosts CBC Radio's The Broadcast, and has worked for many other CBC programs, including Here & Now, Land & Sea and On The Go.

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1 year after tragic sinking, St. Lawrence marks anniversary with memorials to those lost at sea

It's been one year since four men drowned after the Sarah Anna sank off Newfoundland's Burin Peninsula. A grieving wife talks about her husband and her plans to remember him.

When it comes to our democracy, are you a capelin or a jellyfish?

With Election Day one week away, could the fate of capelin and cod help us find our backbones as an electorate?

On the edge of the sea: Ocean-focused artist encourages exploration of rural N.L.

Janet Davis says it hasn't always been easy to make a living in rural Newfoundland but she is proof it can be done.

The waters off N.L. are crawling with all kinds of crab — and commercial potential

Most Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are familiar with snow crab but how about toad crab or porcupine crab? There are many varieties of the shellfish in waters off our coast.

'Like a funeral': Fisherman laments tanking prices in once-lucrative lobster fishery

Lobster harvesters take to the water this year with crushing financial pressures and worries about the spread of the coronavirus in their communities.

Whales will come, but will tourists? Uncertainty in N.L. tourism business grows

Whale-watching tour company owners say June bookings have been cancelled.

Success on the half shell: Triton man serves up N.L's first local oysters

Ten years ago when Juan Roberts started trying to cultivate oysters, skeptics said it couldn't be done. He has now launched Mersheen Bay Oysters.

From fancy coifs to hauling pots: How a hairstylist is carrying on her father's work in the fishery

It's a cold day in June, with drizzle and fog, as Stephanie Lights hoists crab pots on her father's fishing vessel. And she wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Clock ticking on FISH-NL's 2nd certification drive

The upstart union's second membership drive wraps up Friday, when they'll need 4,000 members to prompt a vote on certification and the chance to unseat the FFAW as the inshore fishing industry's bargaining unit.

What lurks in Crescent Lake? Meet Cressie, N.L.'s water monster

You've heard of Nessie of Scotland's Loch Ness, but have you heard of Newfoundland's very own lake monster named Cressie?