Jacob Barker


Jacob Barker is a videojournalist for CBC Windsor.

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Windsor council moves forward with elements of Walkerville districting plan

The City of Windsor is moving forward with the next phase of a decade-long plan to enhance the historic Walkerville neighbourhood.

Windsor mayoral candidate says city should weigh new investment strategy, mayor calls plan risky

Windsor mayoral candidate Chris Holt says the southwestern Ontario city needs to rethink the way it invests its money, but the mayor calls Holt's plan risky and radical.

Windsor Eid al-Adha celebration 'extra special' as in-person event held over weekend

Windsor's Islamic community was happy to be back in person this year to celebrate Eid al-Adha celebrations at Windsor Mosque on Sunday.
First Person

Cancellations, baggage woes and delays: A CBC reporter's journey to and from Windsor

CBC Windsor videojournalist Jacob Barker knew about the situation with delays and cancellations to and from Windsor, but it didn't hit home until he experienced it first hand.

Windsor regulars and visitors finally get their Ford Fireworks fix

For long-time watchers of the Ford Fireworks, it was a much anticipated return of a favourite summer event and for newcomers it was a sight well worth seeing and one that brought the community together.

'I'm not in Detroit': Sports fan says new iGaming market is hard to use in Windsor

Ontario's new iGaming market is causing headaches in downtown Windsor.
Ontario Votes 2022

Windsor West voters say health care, addictions are their top election issues. Here's what candidates said

Voters in Windsor West wanted to know what candidates planned to do about health care

Ukrainian refugees face language barriers as they settle in southwestern Ontario

Ukrainian refugees are doing their best to get on with their lives after arriving in Windsor, Ont., but say they are facing challenges after fleeing their homeland following Russia's invasion of the country.

'Wiped out' southwestern Ontario beekeepers in recovery mode after big winter losses

Beekeepers in southwestern Ontario have a tough year ahead as they recover from big losses in their colonies over the winter.

Ukrainian dance group taking steps to raise funds and cultural awareness

A Ukrainian dance group from Windsor,Ont. is working on some fancy steps to raise funds to help the people of Ukraine, but it's not just about raising money, it's also about raising awareness about Ukrainian culture.