Heather Barrett


Heather Barrett is the host and producer of Weekend AM on CBC Radio One in Newfoundland and Labrador.

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These St. John's seniors are escaping winter by running a bucket list marathon

Many seniors like to take leisurely beach holidays to escape the dreary St. John’s winter. but one group of older friends has something a little more active in mind: running the Tokyo Marathon on March 5.

TA Loeffler takes a hike and 'chases some painters'

Adventurer and outdoor educator TA Loeffler has found a way to combine her passions for geography, photography and physical activity with a little bit of Canadian art history.  

Heave Away's colourful voyage from sea shanty to hockey anthem

Team Canada’s victory at the 2023 world junior hockey championship has elevated Heave Away, a high-energy song performed by Newfoundland and Labrador trad-rock band the Fables, to hockey anthem status. 

How a 1988 folk album kick-started the modern N.L. music industry

Albums by Van Halen, Def Leppard and George Michael were some of Billboard’s No. 1 albums of 1988, but the most popular album at Fred’s Records in St. John’s was a little more traditional.

Barmp! The Harbour Symphony marks a return to normality in St. John's

Weekend AM host and producer Heather Barrett celebrates the return of the Sound Symposium to St. John's by playing a ship's horn in the Harbour Symphony.

St. John's musician 'Pete' thinks we should all calm down and listen to a good lullaby

Pete, a.k.a. Peter MacDonald, decided to make an album of music for small children to help music fans of all ages calm down.

Guitarist Matthew Glover comes back home and Bach to the classics

Guitarist Matthew Glover left home to study and work in Boston, and gained a new appreciation for both local traditional and classical music.
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The musicians of Big Space are happy to be back in the same space

The hard lockdowns and isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic were not great times for members of the St. John’s free jazz trio Big Space.  
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Singing, writing, dancing and acting: Jayne Batstone is 'all over the arts'

Jayne Batstone is an award-winning songwriter, a dancer, and a university theatre major who hopes for a long and successful creative career.

St. John's band Swimming brings math rock to the masses

The members of Swimming say they aren’t the only math rock band in St. John’s, but they are probably the only math rock band to play an open air gig on the trails around Signal Hill.