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Heather Barrett is the host and producer of Weekend AM on CBC Radio One in Newfoundland and Labrador.

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In order to make her new album, Clare Follett had to let go a little

Between her work as an in-demand side musician, music producer and full-time university student, Clare Follett found time to create her second solo album, Reclamation.
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How a Jim Reeves album inspired Ken Tizzard to put together a 'strange collection' of Christmas songs

Musician Ken Tizzard says he started listening to one of his father's favourite Christmas records, and became inspired to make his own album of seasonal tunes.
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Squish is the way this band of storytellers sees the world

The Dictionary of Newfoundland English defines the word "squish" as meaning “askew, out of alignment, or diagonally awry,” but Dave Paddon says "squish' simply refers to the way that the members of From Stage to Stage see the world.
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Rev. Dave and the Sin Eaters want you to dance out your sins

Rev. Dave and the Sin Eaters say their way of dealing with some of the bad news of the past few years is to write it all into an album of toe-tapping country and blues music.
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For David Pomeroy, singing opera is like being a rock star

Operatic tenor David Pomeroy says there’s no feeling quite like performing in an opera; on stage in full costume with other singers and a live orchestra.  
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He calls himself Sarkastodon, and his orchestra exists in the digital world

Sarkastodon, a.k.a. Dave Connors, creates his hypnotic electronic music from his home studio in St. John's. Hear his new work in our latest First Listen feature from Heather Barrett.

30 years ago, I spent Halloween hacking out my piece of the Berlin Wall

Every Halloween, Heather Barrett remembers another time that the world was going through a big change, and how it felt to be in the middle of it.
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Matthew Byrne's new album is a souvenir of the recent past

In 2017, Matthew Byrne and Lady Cove Women's Choir did a concert that went so well, Byrne decided to release it as an album.

Singer-storyteller Dave Penny figures we could all use a laugh right now

His new album, Chip Wagon Ahead, is a collection of whimsical songs about the trials and tribulations of modern Newfoundland and Labrador life.

Fourthright keeps the volume up during a strange year

Fourthright's blues-rock sound is built for a crowded, rowdy live audience, so this year's COVID-19 restrictions presented the band with a predicament.