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Gerry Amey works with the St. John's Morning Show.

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'You bring it home with you': First responders ride to end PTSD stigma

St. John's paramedic Krista Peddle is organizing a motorcycle ride to remember a fallen comrade and raise awareness about post traumatic stress disorder.

A story with guts: What this fisheries lab is learning about the state of the oceans

MUN researcher Jessica Melvin spends her days in a small windowless room picking through cod guts. Problem is, she can't get enough. That's where you come in.

Environmental group critical of plan to farm salmon on Placentia Bay

An environmental group says the government of Newfoundland and Labrador just made a big mistake by giving the environmental go-ahead to a new salmon farm proposed for Placentia Bay.

Retirees cycle across Canada to raise awareness about Huntington's disease

Retirees Jim Stewart and Marty Denonville arrived in St. John's on Monday after cycling across Canada in 72 days, to raise awareness about Huntington's disease.

Stretching the truth: MUN research sheds new light on best warm-up routines for athletes

New research co-authored by a professor from Memorial University shows coaches may have been too hasty when they banished static stretches from the warm-up routine. The good news for athletes is it's safe to touch your toes again. Just don't hold your pose for more than a minute.

Toxic or a treat: Spotting the common poisonous plants in N.L. gardens

Chances are you didn't know your beautiful garden is really just nature's version of a toxic warehouse. But it's not out to get you: here's advice to help survive the poisonous plants in your own backyard.

Recreational fishery switching to licence and tag system next year

Some major changes are in store, if you're one of the thousands of people in Newfoundland and Labrador who take advantage of the annual recreational cod fishery.

St. John's comedian Matt Wright joins 22 Minutes writing team

St. John's comedian Matt Wright has won a full-season contract to write for the hit CBC program This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

Tax ruling leaves N.L. counselling service unsure of charitable status

Al Antle, executive director of Credit Counselling Services of Newfoundland and Labrador, says he's worried about the future of his organization because a recent Federal Court of Appeal decision raises questions about its charitable status.

Motorcycle riding instructor warns bikers to slow down

Rodger Cooper says there may be a connection between a recent cluster of accidents and the new kind of student he sees at his motorcycle riding school. Affluent baby-boomers on big cruisers are being replaced by younger riders whop prefer powerful sport bikes with top speeds in excess of 250 km/hr.