Edward Riche

Freelance contributor

Edward Riche writes for the page, stage and screen. He lives in St. John's.

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It takes a lot of time and effort to get to N.L. Our tourism strategy should embrace the hardship

With WestJet significantly cutting their service to Newfoundland and Labrador, writes Ed Riche in this satirical column, it's time to reconsider our provincial tourism strategy.

Like a crown and anchor wheel possessed: Maybe there's such a thing as too much wind

What happens if people wish for economic development and then don't want it when it arrives? In a new satirical column, Edward Riche imagines the kind of letter he might receive.

Fresh from the Office of the Hot Potato, a mash of political intrigue

When the going gets tough, the tough get going on not going anywhere. As Edward Riche writes in a new satirical column, you need a seasoned pro to delay, deflect and obfuscate at a grand level.

The patient? N.L.'s health-care system. The prognosis? Negative

The patient collapsed after going missing in rural Newfoundland and Labrador, writes contributor Edward Riche in a satirical column.

All about the books: One wonders what the MUN audit will turn up

The Furey government has asked Newfoundland and Labrador's auditor general to crack open the books at Memorial University. In a new satirical column, Edward Riche drums up a list of things he expects to come out of the review.

Protest? Occupation? As the diesel fumes dissipate in Ottawa, words fail us

People were calling for "freedom" but what they wanted was absolute license, writes Ed Riche; they were the entitled demanding to be indulged.

Yesterday's pyjamas and odd socks: Revisit Lorenzo Peterson's pandemic diary, now with Omicron!

Columnist Ed Riche checks back in with Lorenzo Peterson, a high school drama teacher living in St. John's documenting his struggles with the COVID-19 pandemic in his diary.

Hitting false bottom: Celebrating a rich legacy of corruption at the Colonial Building

The Colonial Building in St. John's could have so much more to offer history buffs than expensive chairs, writes Edward Riche. In a satirical column, he pokes around the corridors of past corruption, and imagines how high food prices might just bring back a riot on the building's steps.

What if 'warm idling' weren't just for refineries? A poet announces his new production deal

Poet Pierce Chippett will be converted to a sustainable writer of conventional television drama, writes Ed Riche.

If there's a day for everything, how about one for secondary embarrassment?

There's a day for everything, writes Edward Riche, from the sublime to the ridiculous. On the latter, he says, there's still a lot of room for more options.