Dara Squires

Dara Squires is a single mother of three, working, living, and scraping by in St. John’s.

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From statistic to survival: How one family deals with food insecurity

Contributor Dara Squires is one of the 24,250 single parents in Newfoundland and Labrador, and is one of the one-in-eight families in our country that experiences food insecurity.

$20 Lady: Getting down and dirty (and cheap) with all-natural hygiene

A switch to all-natural products has left Dara Squires with shiny, smooth skin, healthier hair, cleaner teeth and arm pits that are worth smelling.

$20 Lady: Blinged-out birthday parties for less than $20 per child

My kids don’t get birthday parties every year. With three kids, and each inviting 20 to 30 friends, the price would be too much.

$20 Lady: Spa services that won’t have you pulling your hair out

Being pampered can be wonderful, but a spa day can also leave you feeling guilty with how much you are spending. Columnist Dara Squires looks for a stress-free, affordable way to be indulged.

$20 Lady: Getting fit without breaking a financial sweat

Put off by the cost of gym memberships, cost-conscious columnist Dara Squires found some inexpensive ways to help reach her fitness goals, with her phone as her guide.

$20 Lady: 10 ways to save (at least) 20 bucks this month

One of the best ways to save money is to avoid spending it at all, columnist Dara Squires writes.

$20 Lady: Christmas entertaining that's both festive and frugal

Christmas can be a time of good times, but also excess. Consumer columnist Dara Squires offers suggestions on satisfying a crowd without spending a budget.

$20 Lady: Let's sock it to Christmas in style

A fundraising campaign with a twist is a great way to help homeless adults, elderly shut-ins, single parents and others, writes columnist Dara Squires.

$20 Lady: No more knick-knacks, no more mugs; good gifts for teachers

Columnist Dara Squires has bargain-focused ideas for Christmas gifts that teachers will truly appreciate.

$20 Lady: The all-ages, low-cost, home-entertainment bonanza

Dara Squires finds some inexpensive ways to bring the family together, and to entertain everyone at the same time.