Conor McCann

Conor McCann is a freelance writer and journalist based in St. John's.

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Shagged up: Cormorants gorge on Bowring Park trout population

What were once rare sightings on Newfoundland's rivers appear to be more common, as cormorants — better known as "shags" to seabird hunters — are being spotted in Bowring Park and around the Waterford River.

For Wabush mayor, being left out of Air Canada plans is just history repeating

While news of a bailout package for Air Canada is being greeted with relief in some parts of Labrador, others aren't so jovial.

Looser restrictions, new registration system lets N.L. Muslims reconnect for Ramadan

The holiest month in the Muslim calendar is underway. For the second year running, however, Muslims in Newfoundland and Labrador will have to celebrate Ramadan a little differently.

Air Canada bailout welcome news for Labrador, Gander air industries

Following the federal government’s announcement of a $5.4-billion bailout for Air Canada, people in Newfoundland and Labrador’s beleaguered air travel sector are hoping this news helps the industry take off.

Clarenville's renowned Zamboni driver finally turns over his keys

Many people in Clarenville know Kevin Goodyear as the guy who drives the Zamboni for the town’s recreation department, and for good reason: he’s been doing it for over 41 years.

Extraordinarily low spring runoff means Corner Brook mill must draw power from Nalcor

At this time each year, rivers and ponds in western Newfoundland are usually awash with the spring runoff, meaning higher water levels and steady power generation for the Deer Lake hydroelectric station. This year is different: levels are at their lowest since the 1960s.

Fire at FFAW headquarters an 'act of active violence,' president says

A fire that damaged the Fish, Food & Allied Workers headquarters in St. John's on Easter morning was a deliberate attack, according to president Keith Sullivan.

Cannabis sales in N.L. hitting highs through pandemic, says NLC

Over the course of the pandemic, Newfoundlanders and Labradorians consumed notably more cannabis than in the year prior, according to the Newfoundland Liquor Corporation.

Labrador farm addressing issues in regional food supply chain

For Labrador’s remote communities, new local shipping options are providing better quality produce with a longer shelf-life.

A way with words: How this man went from Bay Roberts to speechwriting at the UN

When the president of the United Nations General Assembly delivered a stirring speech last week on a global shortage of clean water, the words were crafted by Carl Mercer.