Conor McCann

Conor McCann is a freelance writer and journalist from St. John's.

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First Person

I moved to Australia last spring, and just got out of lockdown

Is there ever a right time to pack up one's life and move across the world? If so, it probably wasn't in the middle of a global pandemic, writes Conor McCann.
Fed Up

Ronnie's Groceries: What a small store in a tiny outport can tell you about food security

Gaultois was a bustling place when Ronald Simms opened up his store 35 years ago. In time, though, he has become the N.L. community's only vendor — a familiar story in a province where there are expensive challenges of shipping food over long distances to few people. 

Travel-related COVID cases unavoidable but no cause for panic, says MD

Dr. Catherine Donovan says vaccines are a cause for hope, but public health restrictions should remain in place until everyone is vaccinated.

Rowers get back on Quidi Vidi Lake, with fingers crossed for the return of the regatta

It was a busy day on Quidi Vidi Lake on Monday as the green flag was raised and fixed-seat rowers got their boats back in the water for the first time since 2019.

Not your typical pile of wood: Massive stack of Muskrat Falls timber sold to Chinese buyer

Some of the earliest work on the Muskrat Falls project in Labrador was cutting timber to make way for the site of the future hydroelectric station. That felled wood has been sitting idle ever since, but now will soon be on its way to China.

Only natural: How two sisters support each other in nursing new babies

What began as a joke between two sisters in central Newfoundland who had recently given birth soon became a way for them to support one another through breastfeeding.

Sebastien Penunsi, among the last of nomadic Innu, dies at 91

Innu in Labrador are paying their respects to a renowned elder, Sebastien Penunsi, who died late last week at the age of 91. Born in 1930, Penunsi lived much of his life on the land, and was perhaps the last nomadic Innu to have followed the caribou herds.

N.L.'s languages may be in a dormant phase, say teachers, but they can blossom again

For those on the front lines of preserving and revitalizing Indigenous languages, it means overcoming prejudice, distance and self-doubt, and reclaiming a vital part of their identity. 

Churchill Square redesign will revitalize neighbourhood, says deputy mayor

Churchill Square in St. John's will soon be getting a $3-million makeover, after city council approved a plan earlier this week to revitalize the shopping area.

Cancer patient calls for vaccination in line with treatment

With vaccinations against COVID-19 continuing across Newfoundland and Labrador, one cancer patient in St. John’s says the system could be improved for the province’s immunocompromised residents.