Connie Boland

Connie Boland is a freelance journalist and writer in Corner Brook. When not in class, she can be found hiking, writing and hanging out with her family.

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For this dad, Father's Day is a reminder of the power of unconditional acceptance

As a teenager, Michael Gaultois survived a stunning fire that left most of his body severely burned. Years later, he is both a dad and a grandfather, and approaches life with optimism and a positive spirit.
First Person

I felt gutted when I was fired. If cuts are coming, we need to change how they're done

Being fired is traumatizing, contributor Connie Boland says from first-hand experience. She says managers must find a more humane and respectful way to cut jobs.

Full bars, finally: Cellular service has finally come to these west coast communities

Once a dead zone for cellular service, communities at the tip of Newfoundland's Bay of Islands are now connected. "We feel great about it. It's going to be a big benefit to us," said search and rescue volunteer Garry McKenzie.

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These three Corner Brook businesses have developed unique strategies to open and operate successfully during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meeting Santa Claus in a pandemic: How the holiday has changed for one young family

A child's first visit with Santa Claus can go one of two ways, writes Connie Boland. Add isolation and physical distancing due to COVID-19 to the mix, and anything can happen.
Point of View

Getting a degree at 53: My long and winding road at university

Connie Boland never had plans for a university degree. But, as she writes in this guest column, life sure can be full of surprises.