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Colleen Connors reports on western Newfoundland from CBC's bureau in Corner Brook.

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Rough roads show infrastructure in small towns ignored by government, says Kippens man

At a cost of $300,000 per kilometre to pave the roads in Newfoundland and Labrador, Kippens resident Jeff Young says government is forgetting about smaller rural areas.

Deer Lake family, park developer butt heads over environmental concerns

Sara Young says the construction of new campgrounds is too close to a salmon river, but the developer says the project is in line with environmental regulations and will boost tourism.

Death threat, weapons charges dropped for George Brake

George Brake, arrested for allegedly threatening to kill politicians and possessing a weapon, had those charges dropped in Corner Brook courtroom this morning after the Crown attorney said there was no likelihood of conviction.

Lowering screening age could help spot colon cancer early — and so could talking to your doctor, says advocate

Barry Stein says working with the family doctor — the first direct point of contact in the health-care system — is a better approach than trying to change the national screening age. 

Pasadena woman diagnosed with colon cancer wants earlier screening

Stephanie Budgell had none of the risk factors for the colon cancer she was diagnosed with last year. She wants colon screening to start at age 45 — not 50 — so more young people can be tested for the life-threatening disease.

Stephenville's Nordic ski star heading to 2022 Special Olympics in Russia

Michael Budden's passion for the trails has landed him a spot on the global stage.

Summer visitors key to survival for tourist operators, after money-losing winter

Some businesses on the west coast, especially those that depend on tourists, lost a lot of money this winter and owners say the key to sales this upcoming summer season is a combination of local support and Canadian travel.

Snowboarding sisters carve path to future competitions with family passion for sport

Andi and Sadie Osmond have been snowboarding since they were toddlers and now have their sights set on competing nationally now that snowboarding has been designated an official provincial sport of Newfoundland and Labrador.

'As long as I can walk, I can ski,' says 90-year-old Corner Brook woman

While most people in Corner Brook were hunkered down at home during a snowstorm Monday, Peggy Jacobs celebrated her 90th birthday while gliding on cross-country skis.

Psychiatric assessment ordered for man with 36 knives accused of threatening politicians

George Brake, 66, appeared by phone for Thursday afternoon’s proceedings at provincial court in Corner Brook.