Cherie Wheeler

Cherie Wheeler is a Corner Brook radio producer working with CBC Newfoundland Morning.

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Home-care company files human rights complaint against Town of Stephenville on client's behalf

Momentum Development Support says parking violations being used to evict a client who needs 24-hour care.

Hive hosting program takes the sting out of beekeeping

Ian Hussey, also known as the Bearded Beekeeper, is renting his bee colonies to people who are interested in keeping bees but are worried about the commitment.

Hug of a lifetime: Doctor couple reunite with daughters sent to live in New Brunswick

Doctors Shanda Slipp and Aiden Brazil of Corner Brook knew they'd be on the front-lines fighting COVID-19, so they sent their young girls to New Brunswick. Two and a half months later, with no active cases in their region, it was time for them to come home.

Corner Brook crafter fights COVID-19 one stitch at a time

Julie Seaborn has crocheted hundreds of mask holders to help health-care workers.

Self-isolation has Port Blandford man out in the cold — and it's where he wants to be

Blaine Tucker of Port Blanford had nowhere to self-isolate when he returned from Fort McMurray so he's staying in a prospector's tent in his driveway.

Putting safety first, Corner Brook medical couple sends children to grandparents in N.B.

As they prepare to deal with cases of COVID-19, two Corner Brook doctors have made a tough choice about their family.

These N.L. crafters are making joey pouches to help injured Australian animals

Thousands of people are using their crafting prowess as a way to help injured animals in Australia, including these women on both coasts of Newfoundland.

Welcome to the Vinyl Garage, a small-town rec room turned live music venue

On a quiet cul-de-sac in Pasadena, a yellow home with a white covered veranda looks like any other, but sometimes when the sun goes down, it turns into a rocking live music venue.

Back off, Bozo: A fear of clowns is no laughing matter

April MacDonald has always been afraid of clowns, and experts say she's not alone.

A gross encounter of the 'turd' kind: Everything you need to know about pooping in the woods

After an unsanitary discovery on a hiking trail, CBC's Cherie Wheeler wonders if pooping in the woods is a dying skill.