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Cec Haire reports for CBC News from St. John's.

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After 115 years in business, this St. John's barbershop is poised to make its last snips

Christmas Eve will have a bittersweet meaning for Rick Harris this year. On that day, he will also shut down Harris's Barbershop, a family business that has been cutting hair for well over a century.

Bingo with plastic dividers: How service clubs are fighting for their lives in the pandemic

Service clubs that normally organize to raise money for causes in their community are doing something different this fall: raising funds for their own survival.

Family's struggle for clean housing shines spotlight on gaps facing mentally ill tenants

Dolores Moore successfully fought to have her brother moved out of his squalid apartment, but property managers say not everyone in such a situation has someone advocating on their behalf.

St. John's family struggling to get mentally ill man transferred out of squalid conditions

A St. John's woman is in the fight of her life to get her mentally ill brother out of what she calls unhealthy living conditions.

Outdoor classrooms rising in popularity as N.L. kids return to school amid COVID-19

Some schools in Newfoundland and Labrador are getting creative when it comes to teaching in the time of COVID-19, and that includes rethinking where learning takes place.

St. John's startup claims breakthrough recycling medication

Unbound Chemicals says it has the know-how to rescue active ingredients from old prescription pills

After a COVID hiccup, things are looking up again for Clarenville ocean tech company

Chad Collett started his underwater optical imaging company 10 years ago with an idea: creating the Swiss army knife of underwater cameras. But the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic on his doorstep put that work in jeopardy.

8-year-old boy reunites with man who rescued him from roaring Manuels River

When Franke Kelly got swept away by rushing water, a nearby father of two leapt into action.

Increase in domestic violence calls persists throughout pandemic, says non-profit

A 75 per cent increase in calls to Violence Prevention Avalon East dropped to a 65 per cent increase in June. A wave is expected at shelters now that people have more freedom.

Following harrowing Manuels River rescue, this mom urges caution

After her eight-year-old son was swept away by a strong current, Gina Kelly wants others to know how powerful the river can be.