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Caroline Hillier is the producer of the St. John's Morning Show.

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Photos in puddles, guitars in coves: These are the sentimental items Fiona left behind

Fiona lost and found: From a 60-year-old teddy bear to a musician’s first guitar, these are the items recovered from the wreckage and the stories they carry.

Hola, Glovertown: Meet the workers who are literally changing the face of Newfoundland's fishery

Temporary foreign workers from Mexico are keeping the wheels moving in a lucrative industry in a town where the population has been getting smaller and older.

Different country, same scissors: Ukrainian barber 'crushing it' in St. John's

The hairdryer and hair clippers that Serhii Firsikov brought from Ukraine don’t plug in to the sockets at his new chair at Fogtown in downtown St. John's. But his scissors and combs — and his personal style — fit right in. 

Meet the Ukrainian refugee pets — and their humans — who arrived in St. John's

There were more than just the 166 people aboard a chartered flight that flew Ukrainian refugees to St. John's last week. Also on board: eight cats and three dogs, which their owners simply could not leave behind.

Mistaking Prince Charles for Prince Charming: 6-year-old experts on what it means to be royalty

They know Anna and Elsa. But what do Grade 1 students know about a real prince?

When calls come from Ukraine looking for help, these 3 St. John's women pick up the phone

Anna Milingi, Anna Moiseinko and Adilya Dragan collect supplies and donations for friends, family and complete strangers affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Using apps and small-town charm, a community is welcoming twin Ukrainian toddlers

The small Newfoundland town of St. Anthony might not have the amenities of big cities, but, as Caroline Hillier writes, people in the town have just what a Ukrainian family needs: peace, quiet and nature.

Unfiltered: Teens get real about the fake lives lived on social media

Shrinking stomachs and whitening teeth all have an effect on mental health.

Meet the little boy who gave a rose to every woman and girl in his town

A six-year-old boy bought and hand-delivered 155 single roses to the women and girls in his community of Main Brook, N.L.

'I am very proud': Son of man who started mosque in St. John's opens one in N.S.

The father and son duo of Hussein and Tahmir El-Tahan has made it easier for Muslims to have a place to worship in Atlantic Canada.