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Caroline Hillier is the producer of the St. John's Morning Show.

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Meet the little boy who gave a rose to every woman and girl in his town

A six-year-old boy bought and hand-delivered 155 single roses to the women and girls in his community of Main Brook, N.L.

'I am very proud': Son of man who started mosque in St. John's opens one in N.S.

The father and son duo of Hussein and Tahmir El-Tahan has made it easier for Muslims to have a place to worship in Atlantic Canada.

Buried gold: Class ring dug up in Argentia returned to Vietnam vet 50 years later

With the sweep of a metal detector, a Newfoundland man uncovered a long lost possession that is now being returned to its owner — an American Vietnam war vet once stationed in Argentia.

Sorry, skeets in backhoes: Merb'ys is the N.L. Word of the Year

The St. John's Morning Show sets out to crown the 2017 Newfoundland and Labrador Word of the Year.
CBC Radio Special

How do you deal with dwindling tiny towns? Newfoundland and Labrador will pay you to leave

Newfoundland and Labrador's government has a unique approach to dealing with dwindling tiny towns — they'll pay residents to leave. Here's how it works.

Move over, cold plates — Labrador sushi is booming

Stacked beside the usual cold plates and sub sandwiches on shelves at Woodward's Gas Station in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, there's a new option: sushi.

Folk duo Twin Flames stranded in Rigolet, cancels part of Labrador tour

Ottawa based folk duo Twin Flames enjoys extended stay in Rigolet because of the runway closure at Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

From thinning to winning: How being bald inspired a business

Losing your hair? One entrepreneur wants you to to embrace baldness as a lifestyle, writes Caroline Hillier.

How to rock a rained-out wedding

It's like rain on your wedding day... and that can be pretty awesome.

Haitian daughter at risk as adoption process drags on, Newfoundland dad says

A Newfoundland dad is worried about his adopted daughter, who is stuck in Haiti, during a dragged-out adoption process.