Candice Walsh


Candice Walsh is a freelance writer and travel blogger in St. John's.

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Critical condition

What I have learned about people while my mother is sick

From the friends who filled her fridge to the nurses who are as kind as they are capable, contributor Candice Walsh has been buoyed by the support of others.

Celebrating one of Newfoundland's 'strangest (and slightly terrifying)' holiday traditions

Every December, locals are invited to dress up and parade through the streets in disguise as part of the Mummers Parade.
Nat'l Aboriginal Day

This all-female Indigenous drumming circle is lifting up women in Newfoundland

It's not just the group's haunting drumbeats and soulful vocals that capture an audience — it's their empowering message around Indigenous issues.

This camp is giving young people in Northern Newfoundland a voice through filmmaking

Children growing up in rural Newfoundland don't often get a chance to explore their artistic side — but the FRAMED filmmaking camp is changing that.

Art encounters on the edge: This event is transforming a historic part of Newfoundland

The inaugural Bonavista Biennale is bringing art to the literal edge of the province as part of Canada's 150th celebrations.

This interactive exhibit is turning Mi'kmaq language lessons into art

Each day, a new word is added to two giant wall canvases. On the left: the word in its original Mi'kmaq language. On the right: the English translation.
Point of View

The unconsidered consequences of Newfoundland and Labrador's book tax

"It's not just about illiteracy — as it turns out, people who read fiction are just more likely to develop empathy and compassion."

Meet some young entrepreneurs bringing new life to rural Newfoundland

Youthful ambition is the order of the day for some Bonavista Peninsula business owners, who are bucking the conventional wisdom about the rural economy.