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Bernice Hillier is a host of CBC Newfoundland Morning, which airs weekday mornings across western and central Newfoundland, as well as southern Labrador.

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Long haul for N.L. woman who believes she had COVID-19

A Newfoundland woman didn't qualify for COVID-19 testing last year when she was initially ill. Now she's convinced she's suffering from "long COVID" symptoms, and she says antibody testing has confirmed that she had the virus.

'We need you, Mama': Newfoundland woman vows to return to Haiti

Karen Huxter of Springdale has spent most of the past 25 years caring for children in Haiti, until a pandemic got in her way. She hopes to return to the Caribbean nation as soon as possible after she gets vaccinated for COVID-19.

Home is where her heart is, but homeowner with disability needs help to stay there

Moira Magee says she can't get government help for repairs and modifications to her home. An advocate for people with disabilities says it's a familiar story, and it's only going to get more common.

A full century: On her 100th birthday, a war bride celebrates a life well lived

Enid Stevenson of Corner Brook is celebrating her 100th birthday on Sunday. A war bride from Yorkshire, England, with a jolly laugh and a full spirit, she has spent a century living life to the fullest, as a wife, mother, nurse, avid reader and environmentalist.

Deer Lake's 5-year-old COVID patient doing well after initially testing negative

A mother in Deer Lake wasn't satisfied with a negative COVID-19 test when her child continued to show symptoms of the virus.

Violin discovery sparks musical opportunity at Lark Harbour school

Some students at the school in Lark Harbour, N.L., are getting a unique opportunity to learn violin, thanks to the discovery of unused instruments and an offer of distance education.

Hatched, and matched, under the watchful eye of nurse Sylvia

Retired midwife Sylvia Patey says of the hundreds of babies she's delivered, Allan Rowe stands out as the first child she delivered in Newfoundland. She even attended his wedding.

A love for animals led them to be vets. High stress levels make it tough to stay

Mental health is an issue in every workplace, even when you spend your days with kittens and puppies. The organization that represents veterinarians is raising concerns about mental health, including a considerable risk for suicide.

Vets not required to treat all animals, says association after dog's death

The NL Veterinary Medical Association says people should be aware that vets don't have to treat animals that aren't their own patients, even in the case of an emergency. The association says each vet clinic must make arrangements for after-hours care.

My dog might have lived, says pet owner turned away for emergency vet care

Nicole Marsden's dog died without access to emergency veterinary care. The Newfoundland and Labrador College of Veterinarians is investigating.