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Bernice Hillier is a host of CBC Newfoundland Morning, which airs weekday mornings across western and central Newfoundland, as well as southern Labrador.

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N.L. triathlete steps things up with 580-km adventure race. Yes, you read that right

Longtime Newfoundland triathlete Carl Barrett has just overcome his latest challenge, a 580-km adventure race in the B.C. interior.

Mi'kmaw author writes children's storybook to reconcile her father's past

The storybook, Poppa and His Drum, imagines a future in which the author's father had lived to see Mi'kmaw culture embraced and celebrated in Newfoundland.

N.L. has no plans to pay for care by private nurse practitioners: Osborne

Nurse practitioners in private practice say they could do more for patients if government would pay for visits. Health minister Tom Osborne said nurse practitioners paid for through the public system in N.L. will continue to be salaried positions.

Code of conduct adopted by Corner Brook city council

The Corner Brook city council adopted its new code of conduct nearly a month after the deadline set by the provincial Department of Municipal and Provincial Affairs.

Get a 1st look at the new Marine Atlantic ferry — at a shipyard in China

Marine Atlantic will lease a new ferry from Stena North Sea Limited. It will have several fuel sources, instead of only marine diesel oil.

3 years into pandemic, this Newfoundland man says people shouldn't breathe easy

Many people have moved on from COVID-19, but Stephenville's Keith Muise says they'd be wise to remain cautious. He organized COVID Awareness Week to help inform people.

Family of Stephenville man missing since September seeking closure

Tyler Hennessey, 30, of Stephenville hasn't been seen since Sept. 28. Six months after his disappearance, his family and police are still searching for answers.

N.L.-born woman raising awareness about genetic mutation that causes cancer

April Hallikas lives with a genetic mutation that's like a ticking time bomb. Lynch syndrome increases her risk of cancer. But she says early detection of any cancers that do develop will be the key to ensuring a good outcome and a long, healthy life.

Corner Brook mayor ejects councillor during argument over — wait for it — proposed code of conduct

Coun. Charles Pender was escorted out of council chambers on Monday night during discussion of a proposed code of conduct.

Pasadena man told to stop holding concerts in his own home

The Town of Pasadena says homeowner Jan Stephen is operating an unlicensed concert venue. Stephen is appealing the order he's received.