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Azzo Rezori is a retired journalist who worked with CBC News in St. John's.

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Azzo Rezori: And now, a time to say farewell

In less than two weeks, on Monday, Feb. 29, to be exact, I'll be climbing the stairs to the newsroom here at the CBC on University Avenue one last time, writes Azzo Rezori.

Spaniard's Bay: The 5 Ws, and the big question that ought to be asked

Who, what, when, where and why are critical to journalists, but it's how that is far too often treated as optional, writes Azzo Rezori.

Refugee health, and when the story doesn't quite come full circle

Even balanced reporting is not immune to the negativity bias. In theory, balanced reporting means presenting all sides of a conflict; in practice it's used far too often just to keep the conflict going, Azzo Rezori reports.

A new age of values under a Liberal government, or just the same old?

Dwight Ball has promised a government based on values, but what that means is still a bit unclear, writes Azzo Rezori

A day in the village: On small communities, and tiny moments of giving

A note about the annual Ten Thousand Villages sale brought to mind thoughts of villages everywhere, including quite close to home, writes Azzo Rezori.

Rezori | Remembering again

The morning of Remembrance Day this Wednesday past was so still, you could almost hear the trees up and down the street switch off their leaves and let them drift to the ground, writes Azzo Rezori.

Don't think for a second political opportunism started with Ryan Cleary

Say what you want about his motivations, but you have to give full credit to Ryan Cleary for creating the opportunity to discuss the topic of opportunism, writes Azzo Rezori.

When the media come to talk with the Newfoundlanders

A recent interview with three well-known Newfoundlanders revealed a lot about how people here deal with politics and the art of fitting in, writes Azzo Rezori.
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3 years after son's death, mom says little done to address dangers of unmarked barriers

A mother says she's still waiting for the provincial government to accept responsibility for the part she claims it played in the tragic accident that killed her son three years ago.

How the Liberals came right up the middle

Now that nothing can be said that might prejudice the outcome, Azzo Rezori takes another look at what happened in the federal election.