Angela Antle

Host, Atlantic Voice

Angela is a producer who works from St. John's and is the host of Atlantic Voice, a Sunday morning documentary program on CBC Radio.

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'Deadweight at best': Discover the inspiring voices of women explorers

Latonia Hartery was inspired by a 1937 newspaper headline that described how 1,300 women applied for a single spot on a British Antarctic Survey expedition. All were turned down. Why? Women were deemed to be “deadweight at best, and disarray at worst.” The incident inspired the title of Hartery's new CBC documentary.
Atlantic Voice

The Mystery of the Portuguese Waltzes: Where did those enigmatic tunes originate?

The story follows writer and musician Richard Simas on his quest to find the source of the enigmatic and beloved tunes. The documentary is a meditation on memory and truth.

How Mi'kmaq knowledge from Conne River is celebrated in a one-of-a-kind encyclopedia

Researchers worked with community collaborators to collect and honour the foodways, crafts, skills and traditions of the Miapukek of Conne River, in southern Newfoundland.

How Mary Pratt became an icon of the Canadian art world

Watch a new Absolutely Canadian documentary that explores the life and work of artist Mary Pratt.

How plant-based eating is taking hold on the Burin Peninsula

A new documentary features rural Newfoundlanders who've turned their health around by adopting a plant-based diet.

In Labrador, they don't run away to join the circus. It comes to them

A new documentary focuses on the circus artists of Nunatsiavut, and the performers who've worked with them for decades
Atlantic Voice

From Carnegie Hall to Clarenville: Writing lullabies in a Newfoundland women's prison

At the Clarenville Correctional Centre, a recent project to write and perform lullabies had a powerful impact on inmates — and the people guarding them.
Point of View

After my journey to an Italian war cemetery, Remembrance Day will never feel the same

Bill came home; Arch did not. My visit to my great-uncle's grave has transformed me.

Gander's Ripple Effect: How a Newfoundland town's kindness made it to Broadway

The CBC documentary Gander's Ripple Effect: How a Small Town's Kindness opened on Broadway tells the backstory of the global hit Come From Away.

Land & Sea 1981: Swept up in the rescue of a sinking longliner

What a coincidence! One camera onboard a sinking longliner, another on the icebreaker searching for her in Arctic pack ice.