Andie Bulman

Freelance contributor

Andie Bulman is a chef, writer and comedian in St. John's. She is the author of the book Salt Beef Buckets: A Love Story and writes frequently for CBC Newfoundland and Labrador.

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Lessons from the loom: How a Newfoundland mentorship is helping revive the craft of weaving

Two artists connect through craft mentorship programs in Newfoundland and Labrador. Filmmakers Andie Bulman and Rodrigo Iniguez captured their story for the CBC Creator Network.

Whale-rescue experts in N.L. are showing their Canadian colleagues the ropes

Newfoundland and Labrador is a world leader in trying to save whales tangled in ocean detritus, including fishing gear, communications lines and plane debris. Now the province's whale-disentanglement experts are working to pass those skills on to others.

The wrong news about North Atlantic right whales: How human noise affects the animals

Scientists are studying how the sounds created by ship traffic, navy sonar and seismic explosions affect different whale species.

The sounds of rebellion: St. John's listening party celebrates the soundtrack of Iranian protests

For the Iranian community outside the country, music and arts are a connection to the civil unrest at home.

Holiday cooking on a budget — 4 festive recipes to help get you through the season

The cost of living's climbing, so chef Andie Bulman has created a few budget-conscious recipes perfect for whatever the season brings.

Spooky season isn't over yet — at least not in St. John's

The Phglem Fatales, Hello Flesh, and all the frights you can catch this weekend.

All Hallows' Eve, Samhain, Colcannon Night: Halloween has had many different costumes in N.L.

It's wasn't always kids dressed as superheroes and Ted Lasso. Halloween has had a few names and more than a few traditions over the past century.

It's the Atlantic Canadian giant pumpkin growers, Charlie Brown

To the growers, cultivating the giant fruits is a kind of sport — as strange as it might seem.

Activist groups tackling food insecurity issues plaguing rural N.L.

Food prices are soaring in Newfoundland’s cities, but the problem is likely worse in outports. Some organizations are concerned with the lack of provincial government assistance, and have started seeking their own solutions.

St. John's housing crisis means Ukrainian refugees are still sheltered in hotel rooms

When more than 150 Ukrainian families gathered at a St. John's hotel this week to celebrate their country's Independence Day, many did not have far to go when the party ended. As Andie Bulman writes, that's because the hotel is still their home.