Alyson Samson

Alyson Samson is a journalist working with the CBC in Newfoundland and Labrador.

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When fire struck her small community, this woman stepped up. Now she's the fire chief

After a fire caused extensive damage in Lodge Bay last November, residents reignited their fire department — with the first female chief at the helm.

Jim Learning, Labrador advocate who went to jail over Muskrat Falls protests, dead at 81

Jim Learning, a well-known member of the Labrador Land Protectors group, died Thursday evening evening after a long battle with cancer and suffering multiple strokes.

IOC says employees who leave Lab West must self-isolate for 2 weeks — unpaid

IOC says any employee who leaves Labrador West has to self-isolate upon returning, and won't be paid for that time, effective Friday.

Masks, cookies and candles: How Labrador businesses are dealing with the pandemic

As Labrador companies adjust to the realities of an economy hobbled by the COVID-19 pandemic, some business owners are doing their part in the fight to prevent the virus from spreading.

Labrador is keeping a lid on COVID-19. Here's what communities are doing

There have been just one new case of the coronavirus detected since March 17, but leaders fear residents are not taking precautions seriously.

New techniques: How Labrador-Grenfell Health is trying to improve patient care

Labrador Grenfell Health introduced a strategy to change how nurses provide care and how patients participate in their care.

When the nearest dealership is 16 hours away, warranty auto work can be a headache

The airbags in Rebecca Willcott's Toyota have been recalled, and that means a 1,000-kilometre trip — including a ferry ride — from Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

Adoption for some dogs, euthanization for others as Labrador towns start rounding up strays

It's not safe for dogs to be roaming the streets, says North West River town manager Wendy Hillier.

'The whole house is violated': Police find overnight intruder in unoccupied Labrador home

A 39-year-old man is facing charges after Happy Valley-Goose Bay sees spate of break-ins.

Lack of ice, snow has Labrador snowmobilers scrambling for new routes

Climate change is transforming the tracks people in Labrador are making. It’s been a slow sea ice season making it unsafe for travel.