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We're nearly through February, and there are great scenes to share in this week's audience gallery

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Tom McDonald watched, and captured, several magnificent sunrises over Paddy's Pond this week. (Submitted by Tom McDonald)

We're into the last week of February and the submissions from our audience keep rolling in. 

Sunsets, sunrises, brisk walks, great adventures and everything in between dominated the inbox this week. 

It's a good time to take a break and unwind with this week's audience gallery, and with March around the corner we're looking forward to seeing more photos from you! 

Crashing waves at Gull Island in Conception Bay North. (Submitted by Eugene Howell)
A chilly day for a walk in Ferryland. (Submitted by Linda Cutler)
A sunny, snowy day atop the hiking trails in Brighton. (Submitted by Karen Pinsent)
A stunning sunrise over Labrador City. (Submitted by Mark Pritchett)
'If I can’t make it to the Rock, I thought I’d bring a piece of the Rock to me,' writes Cyril Cochrane who now resides in Ottawa. (Submitted by Cyril Cochrane )
A grey day in Trinity made for this moody scene at St. Paul's church. (Submitted by Jim Quigley)
The sun sets for another day over St. John's. (Submitted by Dale Brow)
Ann Hollett made a stop near the river on a walk through Bowring Park. (Submitted by Ann Hollett)

Have a photo you'd like to share?  

Here's how to get in touch with us: email It's a dedicated address just for photo submissions.

Here's what we need from you: your name, where the photo was taken, and a caption that tells us what's in the image. We encourage you to add any information you think our readers would enjoy! 

We share photos we receive here, and we might also use them on Here & Now each weeknight during Ashley Brauweiler's weather segments, as well as our Facebook page, our Twitter feed and on our Instagram account. And we always give credit.

Because of the volume of submissions we receive, we cannot respond to everyone.

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