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April is here, and so are the amazing photos featured in this week's audience gallery

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An epic sunset over Fogo Island, captured near the popular Brimstone Head. (Submitted by David Hickey)

April is officially here and with it comes some warmer temperatures. 

But there's still plenty of snow around that our audience members are using to capture some truly magnificent scenes. 

This week's group of photos come from all over the province. Icy trails, still sunsets, and, of course, some wildlife. 

Enjoy these great photos, and don't forget to scroll to the bottom to see how you can submit a photo of your own!

The Francis Power stage in Brigus South on the Southern Shore. (Submitted by Michael Kennedy)
Jim Walsh captured this male mallard attempting a landing in the Goulds neighbourhood in St. John's during a day with fairly strong wind. (Submitted by Jim Walsh)
A snowfall in Quidi Vidi makes the buildings' colours pop. (Submitted by Greg Bolger )
These trees in Flatrock are covered with ice, often the case during colder months due to a nearby waterfall and strong ocean breeze. (Submitted by Phillip Cairns)
Sunrise over downtown St. John’s on one of the first nice spring days of the year. (Submitted by Gerard Hayes)
Leo enjoys a nice view as much as any of us. This one comes from New Bay near Notre Dame Bay. (Submitted by Joanne Stride)
Penny Osbourne captured this calm and crisp sunrise over Traytown. (Submitted by Penny Osbourne)

Have a photo you'd like to share?  

Here's how to get in touch with us: email It's a dedicated address just for photo submissions.

Here's what we need from you: your name, where the photo was taken, and a caption that tells us what's in the image. We encourage you to add any information you think our readers would enjoy! 

We share photos we receive here, and we might also use them on Here & Now each weeknight during Ashley Brauweiler's weather segments, as well as our Facebook page, our Twitter feed and on our Instagram account. And we always give credit.

Because of the volume of submissions we receive, we cannot respond to everyone.

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