Attack wasn't my fault, says pit bull owner

The owner of a pit bull that killed a poodle in the Georgestown area in early October says it is not his fault that his dog was loose that day.
A pit bull owner says it isn't his fault that a dog was attacked by his dog in early october, CBC's Zach Goudie reports 2:16

The owner of a pit bull that killed a poodle in St. John's in early October says it isn’t his fault that his dog was loose that day.

Jason English, 31, was charged Friday with a violation of the Dog Act for having an animal off a leash and outside of a pen.

English told CBC News Monday that he was asleep at home when the attack happened. He said he left the dog in his backyard behind a fence, with the gate secured by a rope.

English said someone must have let the dog out of his yard on Maxse Street.

Monday, Fred Brockerville the owner of the dog that was killed, was still overcome with emotion when he remembered what happened to his poodle, Ringo.

"His stomach was punctured, his lungs were punctured. I was covered head to toe in blood,"  he said.

Brockerville and a neighbour kicked the pit bull in the head repeatedly until it released the poodle and ran away.

The attacked dog died later after it was taken to a veterinarian.

A dog owned by English has attacked another dog before.

In 2006, his pit bull attacked a dog near Quidi Vidi Lake.

Two years later, Provincial Court Judge Gloria Harding agreed to let the dog live, saying she could not see evidence that the dogs had been violent in other incidents.

English wouldn't say if the dog involved in the recent Georgestown attack was the same animal that was involved in the 2006 attack.

Brockerville said whether it was the same animal or not, the dog that attacked his poodle in October should be destroyed.

"Something that kills something should not be able to go around and kill again," he said.

English who has been convicted of dealing marijuana was also convicted in 2010 of aggravated assault after a judge ruled he had used excessive force to defend himself.

English bit part of another man's ear off during a fight at a nightclub in St. John's.