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Wheels keep on turning for this N.L. graphic designer with launch of new skateboard company

Graphic designer, concert promoter and musician Jud Haynes has found another creative outlet — fulfilling a childhood dream by starting his own skateboard company.

Jud Haynes has plans for a full line of boards by the end of next summer

Graphic designer Jud Haynes has fulfilled a childhood dream by creating his own skateboard company with his own original designs. (Bruce Tilley/CBC)

Graphic designer, concert promoter and musician Jud Haynes has found another creative outlet — fulfilling a childhood dream by starting his own skateboard company.

"Pretty much since I was 15 I've been drawing art for skateboards. When I was a kid, I'd buy pro boards and I would take them home and immediately paint over them with my own graphics, even though they all looked beautiful when I got them," Haynes said. 

"I've wanted to have my own boards [for] forever."

Haynes's design work can be found on posters and album covers for artists such as Neil Young, Arkells, Blue Rodeo, City and Colour, Hey Rosetta and Alan Doyle among many more, as well as on beer labels and book covers. He also designed four Wintersleep album covers, a band he played bass with. 

His new skateboard designs feature popular St. John's scenics, such as the cityscape and the Battery.

Haynes posted a board design mock-up on Instagram in March, thinking this could be the year he starts Atlantic Aire.

To his surprise, longtime friend Jon Loder — owner of Relic Supply, a downtown St. John's clothing and skate shop — responded to the post, saying he could help Haynes get the wheels turning. 

Atlantic Aire has two boards, in various shapes and sizes. Haynes says more are on the horizon. (Bruce Tilley/CBC)

"He's got all the connections and all the hookups as far as where you get boards made, who's kind of got the best wood and all the best stuff," Haynes said.

"For me, I could have spent the next 30 years trying to figure that stuff out. It was so amazing when he contacted me and was like, 'I've been making boards for years. I know all the people to talk to.'"

More coming soon

Atlantic Aire has two boards ready for the streets. Each design comes in various shapes and sizes, from a more common shape for any skater to a larger cruiser model. 

Haynes said two more designs are in the making, but is tight-lipped on what they will feature, not wanting to ruin the surprise. 

Atlantic Aire features original graphics with local flair by Haynes. (Bruce Tilley/CBC)

"One of them is historic event that took place in St. John's once before, and another one is based on another major architecture space," he said.

"I don't want to say too much, but [in] another month or so, those ones will be out."

There could also be a fifth model rolled out by the end of this summer, but a bigger focus lies on next summer. 

"The plan is to be coming out with one or two every month for the whole summer, and then by the end of the summer we'll really have a full line. We're looking at like 10 or 12 different boards," said Haynes.

"They've only been out for a week, but I can't wait to just be walking down the road and just see someone with one who's not a friend of mine.… For me it's going to be super-exciting when I'm walking by the skate parks and see one of these go flipping through the air. That will be the best day."

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With files from the St. John's Morning Show and Jen White


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