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Army in St. John's answers wish of little boy with cerebral palsy

A heartbroken mother posted her son's wish on Facebook. And the military listened.

A heartbroken mom posted her story on Facebook. The military listened

Matthew, 7, asked his mom if he could help the soldiers shovel snow. As he had cerebral palsy, getting outside was impossible. The military saw the social media post from Matthew's mother, Lisa, and made a visit. (Lisa Sharpe/Facebook)

In the midst of the cleanup from Friday's record-breaking blizzard, mom Lisa Marie Sharpe's heart was breaking for her little boy who couldn't get outside.

"He is crying every day wanting to go outside to help people," Sharpe said of her son Matthew, 7, who has cerebral palsy. 

"But he can't because I'm afraid he will get hurt."

Sharpe said her son asked her Tuesday night if the "army guys" could come and help him.

She explained that the Canadian Forces had come to St. John's and surrounding areas to dig out people who were stuck in their homes.

Matthew, 7, smiles brightly as he's hoisted up by members of the armed forces who were called in to help eastern Newfoundland with its record-breaking snowfall. (Twitter/@JTFA_FOIA)

"Then he looked at me and said, 'Sure, Mommy, I'm stuck in my house and can't get out.'"

She added, "He can't go outside because he can't wear winter [boots].… I wish I could give him my legs."

The Canadian Forces made little Matthew's dream come true after seeing his mom's post on social media.

"He wanted nothing more to help our soldiers shovel, so we paid him a visit," Joint Task Force Atlantic said in a tweet Wednesday.

"It was great meeting you Matthew!"

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