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Archeologist overseeing Temperance Street excavation

An archeologist has been hired by a developer to oversee land excavation in the east end of downtown St. John's.
Coun. Tom Hann says he has heard the developer is planning on building a boutique hotel at the corner of Temperance and Waters streets in downtown St. John's. (Todd O'Brien/CBC)

An archeologist has been hired by a developer to oversee land excavation in the east end of downtown St. John's.

The vacant lot at the southeast corner of Temperance and Water streets was once the location of a manufacturing company and Matchless Paint Factory.
A developer has retained an archeologist to oversee the excavation of a lot at the corner of Temperance and Water streets. (Todd O'Brien/CBC)

According to the provincial government, A. Harvey Biscuit Factory and Warehouse was at the location prior to the Great Fire of 1892.

"Any time a shovel is put in the ground in the downtown core or anything is built, the provincial government requires that an archeologist is on site at all times," said Coun. Tom Hann.

"My understanding is that if the archeologist sees anything of significance then he can stop the project until they determine what that significance is."

According to Hann, who also chairs the city's planning and development committee, nothing of historical significance has been discovered at the site.

The city issued a permit for excavation, Hann said, but no applications have been made thus far to build on the lot.

However, Hann has heard the developer plans to build a boutique hotel at the location.

With files from Todd O'Brien


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