Anthony Germain: Hopefully, video doesn't kill this radio star

The new co-host of Here & Now will be on your screens starting Oct. 16.

Here & Now's new co-host talks the good, the bad and the ugly about early morning radio

From left, Anthony Germain, Debbie Cooper and Ryan Snoddon are the faces of your Here & Now. (CBC)

Leaving the St. John's Morning Show was a difficult career choice but a good challenge for me to join an equally strong team of dedicated journalists.

As part of the new Here & Now team I know we'll continue to deliver the news people need, interesting stories, strong interviews and humour.

With laughter in mind, I offer you my profound analytical conclusions about making the transition from morning radio to suppertime TV news:

Three things I miss about leaving St. John's Morning Show:

  • 1) Getting paid to listen to music.
  • 2) Chasing down rats on Empire Avenue on my way to work at 3 a.m.
  • 3) Hoodies.

Three things I don't miss about leaving St. John's Morning Show:

  • 1) 3:15 a.m. iPhone crickets alarm.
  • 2) Constantly needing to pee because of the obscene amount of coffee guzzling. 
  • 3) Being the first guy in the building during snowstorms. Hell, they don't pay me enough to shovel!

Three things I look forward to about joining Here & Now:

  • 1) 8:00 a.m. iPhone crickets alarm.
  • 2) Basking in the glow of Debbie Cooper.
  • 3) My Sens versus Ryan's Leafs.

Three things I don't look forward to about joining Here & Now:

  • 1) Dressing like a grownup.
  • 2) Losing 10 pounds but looking like I've GAINED 10 pounds. 
  • 3) Daily shaving.

About the Author

Anthony Germain

CBC News

Anthony Germain cohosts Here & Now in Newfoundland and Labrador. He is a former host of the St. John's Morning Show and CBC Radio's The House, and is CBC's former correspondent in China.