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Anthony Germain hosts Here & Now in Newfoundland and Labrador. He is a former host of the St. John's Morning Show and CBC Radio's The House, and is CBC's former correspondent in China.

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Why free trade is John Crosbie's greatest national legacy

Former prime minister Brian Mulroney, who will deliver a eulogy at John Crosbie's funeral Thursday, once sparred with the longtime St. John's politician over trade with the Americans. Crosbie helped bring him around.
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We lost our most powerful, gentle voice: Remembering the storyteller Larry Dohey

To hear more than a thousand people belt out the Ode to Newfoundland to honour a mild-mannered archivist the way one might expect crowds to sing for a fallen rock star was a moment anyone who was there will never forget, writes Anthony Germain.

Mitchelmore investigated for Carla Foote hiring, whistleblower report finds wrongdoing

Chris Mitchelmore violated the provincial government’s code of conduct when he ordered the hiring of a longtime Liberal staffer to a vacant position at The Rooms and jacked up the salary.

Attack and distract: Dead salmon, red herrings and the magic of Gerry Byrne

If the key to all good magic tricks is misdirection, the fisheries minister has proven he has a few — and more — up his sleeve, writes Anthony Germain.

On Muskrat, Crosbie should know there's a difference between blame and accountability

PC Leader Ches Crosbie may be “a new broom” but he’s missing a few bristles, at least when it comes to Muskrat Falls, writes Anthony Germain.

​​​​​​​'Skategate': How the Liberals got a free ticket to a campaign controversy

The skating club in Marystown got a grant it never asked for, and questions still swirl over how exactly Liberal insiders got tickets to a Kaetlyn Osmond celebration, writes Anthony Germain.
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Liberals made cash deal with skate club for Kaetlyn Osmond tickets

Emails show that in exchange for a $1,500 grant, the Liberals scored seats to the hottest ticket in Marystown: to see the Olympian on ice.

Beyond bungled bullying: How to make N.L.'s political theatre less absurd

After a raucous caucus meltdown that cost two ministers their jobs, MHAs have some complicated problems to resolve in their own backyard, writes Anthony Germain.

A Foote in the door at The Rooms, and a portrait of patronage on its walls

Qualifications? Connections? In the Carla Foote hiring, there are many questions yet to be answered, writes Anthony Germain

Cronyism or merit? Footing the bill for new lieutenant-governor

Can we afford to pay for a chateau and all its servants?

Who's sorry now? A tale of 2 Trudeaus and their approach to historical wrongs

Pierre Elliot Trudeau would have been among the critics Friday as his son delivered an eloquent, albeit overdue apology.

Anthony Germain: Hopefully, video doesn't kill this radio star

The new co-host of Here & Now will be on your screens starting Oct. 16.

Promotions, resignations, murder trials: Uncontrollable events in N.L. politics

Politicians hate events that are not staged — genuine happenings that are beyond anybody's control.

Inside the line: Roars but no riots at final Chase the Ace

After waiting in line for hours with thousands of others, Anthony Germain found plenty of reasons to smile about Chase the Ace.

Victims, not heroes: The unsettling truth behind Beaumont-Hamel's carnage

One hundred years after Beaumont-Hamel, it’s time to view the soldiers in the Newfoundland Regiment who were killed or injured on that day for what they really were: Victims.