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Warm breezes and winter storms: Just another November day in N.L. weather

Wardrobe recommendations: short shorts for St. John’s, rain boots for the west coast, long johns for Labrador.

Wardrobe recommendations: short shorts for St. John’s, long johns for Labrador

A tale of two temperatures. St. John's was well on its way to a record-setting day early on Wednesday, while schools in Happy Valley-Goose Bay are closed under a snowfall warning. (CBC)

Depending on where you woke up this morning, you could be in for a blistering snowstorm, a drenching downpour or record warm weather. 

Schools are closed in parts of Labrador, where Environment Canada has issued snowfall warnings and winter storm warnings.

Meanwhile, on the island, the temperature Wednesday could best a record set before Newfoundland joined Canada.

"We had a warm front that pushed northward across the island so the whole island, with the exception of a couple spots, are waking up pretty warm this morning," said Environment Canada meteorologist Allison Sheppard, who works at the Gander weather office. 

It's wet, windy and warm in St. John's on Wednesday morning. (CBC)

The all-time high for St. John's on Nov. 13 is 16.1 C, a temperature that was recorded in 1946. 

Today's forecasted high is also 16 C — so whether today is one for the books could be decided by a fraction of a degree. 

"It is possible, for sure. We'll be pretty close to that record today," Sheppard said.

If the temperature does go above 16.1 C, it'll be the second time this month St. John's breaks a record. 

On Nov. 1 the city also hit a high at 18.5 degrees

While it will be warm, it will also be windy and wet, Sheppard cautioned. Parts of western Newfoundland and the Labrador Straits are under a rainfall warning, with water buildup on the Trans-Canada Highway between Stephenville and Corner Brook causing slowdowns during the morning commute.

The rain already caused localized flooding in Corner Brook, where the city partially closed the intersection of Union and Elizabeth streets to traffic.

But if it's warm and not too wild where you are in the province, embrace the weather, said Sheppard. 

"it's going to be a good day, I guess we should enjoy it."

Winter storms in Labrador

School children in central Labrador will enjoy an entirely different weather system today. 

Schools in the Upper Lake Melville Area closed Wednesday. The College of the North Atlantic, courts, and some other organizations also closed their doors. 

"I woke up at like seven and my friends texted me and said stay in bed. So I did," Happy Valley-Goose Bay student Hannah Lucci said.

But even though she has the day off, Lucci also got put to work shovelling.

Just because Hannah Lucci got the day off school didn't mean she couldn't be put to work. (Jacob Barker/CBC)

"My dad went to work so we have to do this, and then my mom has to go, so it's me and my brother," she said. 

The area is under a snowfall warning for Wednesday, with 20 or 30 centimetres expected. 

On the coast of Labrador, a winter storm warning stretches from Hopedale, Postville and Makkovik, with as much as 40 centimetres of snow expected, and winds gusting up to 110 km/h. 

Rigolet, Cartwright and Black Tickle are also under snowfall warnings. 

George Morris says business gets slow for cabs in town when flights get grounded. (Jacob Barker/CBC)

With flights on hold to Labrador's north coast, that means bad news for taxi driver George Morris.

"A snow day like this means business is slow. Our business is busy when the weather is nice and the flights are moving to and from the coast — today is a slow day," he said.

Schools were closed on Wednesday in Happy Valley-Goose Bay as the region was under a snowfall warning. (Janice Goudie/CBC)

"You take one run at a time, hope for the best."

Tomorrow's another strange day

Back on the island, expect fortunes to change Thursday. 

The warm temperatures will  be a thing of the past, Sheppard said. 

"We do have a cold front that's pushing eastward tonight so tomorrow morning is not going to look nearly as warm," she said.

"Unfortunately, that means our high temperatures tomorrow are only at about zero or one degree." 

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