Crown to appeal verdict in Anne Norris murder trial

Anne Norris was found not criminally responsible for killing 46-year-old Marcel Reardon last month.

Norris's lawyer Rosellen Sullivan confirms Crown has filed an appeal

The crown plans to appeal the verdict in the Anne Norris trial (Glenn Payette/CBC)

Anne Norris, who last month was found not criminally responsible for killing 46-year-old Marcel Reardon, could see her verdict overturned as the Crown plans to appeal the decision.

That's according to Norris's Lawyer Rosellen Sullivan, who confirmed the news Wednesday night.

"Appealing a jury verdict is in fact quite difficult," says Sullivan.

"At the end of the day the Crown will have to prove that there was an error in the law made in order to get a new trial at all."

Norris, 30, admitted at the first day of her first-degree murder trial in St. John's that she killed Reardon by hitting him repeatedly in the head with a hammer.

Ultimately, jurors found her not criminally responsible and she's currently placed in psychiatric care at the Waterford Hospital in St. John's.

Defense confident verdict will hold

Sullivan says she received word that the Crown filed their notice of appeal on Tuesday.

"We're confident in the position that we put forward at the trial and we're confident we can deal with the grounds [of appeal] as currently laid out," she said. 

Before things can proceed, Sullivan said the defense must wait for a transcript of the trial to be prepared, and the Crown to file their factum of argument with the court of appeal.

The defense will then have 30 days to respond before proceeding to a hearing to review the case.