Amy Stoodley

Amy Stoodley is a former reporter with CBC News in St. John's.

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St. John's landscaping company probed for using banned pesticides without a licence

Green Lawn is accused of violating the Environmental Protection Act by offering pest control services without a licence between Oct. 30, 2013, and Sept. 7, 2016.

Hundreds of angels spread their wings in the snow to break world record

Hundreds of people braved chilly temperatures Saturday to make snow angels on ski hills in Newfoundland, part of a national effort to break a world record.

Team effort: Neighbours in St. John's housing complex build front yard skating rink

How do you keep a neighbourhood with hundreds of kids occupied in the winter? Build a skating rink, say people in Stabb Court.

School board violating students' human rights, says organizer of anti-bullying group

A group of parents are calling on the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District to do more to protect students from violence at school.

Parents who saved boy, 11, after C.B.S. soccer field stabbing get rescuer awards

Two bystanders who performed first aid on a boy who was stabbed at a soccer field in Conception Bay South in 2014 were given awards by the Red Cross on Tuesday.

Unpaid rent leads to eviction notice for Gracie Joe's restaurant in St. John's

Alfred Hynes says 2015 was a hard year but he thought his business partner and landlord was giving him an opportunity to get back on track.

Spaniard's Bay woman disappears from New Year's Eve party, found outside Mount Pearl store

Police are investigating what happened to a Spaniards Bay woman who went missing from a New Year's Eve party in the Bay Roberts area and turned up hours later on the parking lot of a hardware store in Mount Pearl.

Balancing act: Mom with 1 leg uses crutches, baby carrier to get around St. John's

Most single moms have a tough balancing act but one St. John's mother has a lot more to juggle than most.

Struggling mothers get confidence boost from St. John's beauty business

A St. John’s beauty bar has partnered with Choices for Youth to help vulnerable young mothers feel better about themselves.

Bell Aliant wants $5.5K to hook a Branch, N.L., family up to home phone and internet

A family in Branch, N.L., doesn't have access to 911 emergency services because they can't afford Bell Aliant's phone and internet connection fee.

St. John's woman says Ford Canada isn't doing enough to fix safety concerns

Jennifer Walsh says she has no choice but to drive a car she believes is too dangerous to be on the road, after experiencing a series of problems with the transmission of her 2013 Ford Focus.

Carving wood and pinning poppies, 95-year-old veteran keeps busy

He’s been to war and back and now, Second World War veteran Rod Deon is whittling wood to pass time. The 95-year-old artist started woodcarving as a child, almost nine decades ago.

Sexual predator? St. John's residents worried by 'suspicious activity' on Larkhall Street

A woman who lives on Larkhall Street, near the Avalon Mall, says she saw a man looking in her window and what happened when her boyfriend confronted him frightened her.

Local businesses struggle with new trans fat guidelines from Health Canada

Some products sold in Newfoundland and Labrador contain amounts of trans fat that are much higher than what Health Canada considers safe.

New food regulations not enough to help Canada's unhealthiest province: nutritionist

A nutritionist from Newfoundland and Labrador says Health Canada's announcement about changes to food marketing and labelling is a step in the right direction — but she would have liked the federal government to go even further.