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Ambulance crash triggers warning to drivers

Eastern Health is warning drivers to steer clear of emergency vehicles, just days after a spectacular crash involving an ambulance.
Eastern Health is using Facebook and Twitter to remind the public about the rules of the road when it comes to emergency vehicles. (CBC)

Eastern Health is warning drivers to steer clear of emergency vehicles following a spectacular crash involving an ambulance.

On Tuesday, a head-on collision at one of St. John's busiest intersections left the ambulance and a car as writeoffs. Luckily, there were no serious injuries and no patient in the ambulance at the time.

But it has prompted the health authority to use social media to remind the public to pull over or give ambulances and other emergency vehicles the right-of-way when their lights are flashing.

Timothy Larkin said other drivers might be in a rush, or not even be aware of the road rules when it comes to ambulances. (CBC)

Eastern Health says while many drivers know the proper protocol, others are oblivious and continue to break the law.

"I don't know, maybe they've got the music too loud, but they're just not paying attention when they are driving, that's for sure," said motorist Kristy Walters.

Timothy Larkin had another take on the issue.

"I think some people are just in such a rush that they think that, 'Oh, someone else should have to do it, not me,' " he said.

"Some people might not even know the rules, but that's pretty sad because we all have to read a book and pass a test."

Eastern Health notes it only hires paramedics who are trained in emergency driving.

The health authority says it's also reviewing new initiatives and technology to help prevent such accidents.