Better things to do? St. John's woman to meet country music superstar Terri Clark

Allanah Murphy does a touching version of one of Terri Clark's hit songs when St. John's band The Narrows play shows.

Superfan Allanah Murphy gets backstage pass

Allanah Murphy does her best Terri Clark impression when she performs the 1995 hit single "Better Things To Do". (Erin O'Mara)

When St. John's band The Narrows play shows, their fans are often treated to one of the most touching versions of Terri Clark's hit song, Better Things To Do, thanks to Allanah Murphy. 

Dressed in a vest and white cowboy hat, copying the style of her idol, the 24-year-old joins lead singer Erin O'Mara on stage. 

"It's a showstopper," O'Mara said.

"The boys in my band are so good with her, and she gets up and does her Terri Clark. It's all about Allanah. She loves it."

Posing in front of a collection of guitars, Allanah Murphy said she loves country music rocker Terri Clark. (Jeremy Eaton/CBC)

A social worker by day, O'Mara brought Murphy to the Geraldine Rubia Centre for karaoke and a star was born.

O'Mara's band practices in the garage behind Murphy's house and the two belt out Terri Clark songs.

On Saturday Clark will headline the Eastbound Hoedown in Avondale and will be hosting a meet and greet with fans prior to her set. O'Mara reached out to organizers, sharing a video of Murphy singing. The country music star loved it and wants to meet Murphy. 

"Music is such a part of Allanah's life," O'Mara said about Murphy.

"For her to be able to get to do that is huge for her and for all of us to get to see that through her eyes, we are getting just as much out of it as she is. It's very exciting."

Country music star in province for Eastbound Hoedown on Saturday 1:05

Murphy has a guitar tuned and ready for Clarke to sign and she's counting down to her chance to meet the country music superstar. For many meeting their idol would be stressful, that's not the case for Murphy. 

"It's exciting," she said from the jam space in the shed. 

"I'm not nervous."

The concert's organizers have set up Murphy, O'Mara and family members with special parking and the chance to watch Clarke play from the side of the stage.

The Narrow's guitarist Craig Hannum joins Erin O'Mara and Allanah Murphy to sing a Terri Clark tune. (Jeremy Eaton/CBC)

"I'm going to get a kick out of watching Allanah watching Terri," O'Mara said.

"Even though I am going to be freaking out too."