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Allan Hawco confirms end of Republic of Doyle

CBC's hit show Republic of Doyle will be filming its sixth and final season this summer in St. John's, confirms the shows star.

Ending Republic of Doyle reaction

8 years ago
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People in St. John's react to the news that Republic of Doyle's season 6 will be its last

CBC has confirmed hit show Republic of Doyle will be filming its final season this summer.

Allan Hawco, who plays lead character Jake Doyle, said Thursday the season set to begin filming in St. John's this summer will be the last.

"Our decision to end Republic of Doyle on season six was tough, but I think you'll [the audience] love that we're going out with a bang," Hawco said on Twitter.

Allan Hawco announced on Thursday the upcoming sixth season of CBC's hit show Republic of Doyle would be the last. (CBC)
At a CBC event in Toronto on Thursday, Hawco said the decision to end the show was made midway through filming season five.

CBC-TV released its 2014-15 programming slate on Thursday, which included season six of the Newfoundland and Labrador-based series.

Locals sad to hear of show's end

Some people in St. John's were upset with the news of the show's end on Thursday, saying it was a loss to the province.

"I feel like a lot of the Newfoundland public will be upset about it, like people from away that watch it," said resident Julie Slaney.

"That would be terrible. I think that it's really great for us to have this here in the city," said Erin Chafe.

Last week, Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, an arm's-length watchdog group, speculated CBC executives had planned to make cuts to programming, including axing shows like Republic of Doyle.

A CBC spokesperson said at the time that the reports were speculation and inaccurate.