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Jury watch: Deliberations enter Day 3 for Al Potter trial

The 12-person jury has requested to listen back to some of Al Potter's testimony.

12-person jury requested to listen back to Potter's testimony

A jury of 12 people is sequestered, meaning they deliberate in the day and stay at a hotel overnight. They are not allowed to discuss the case with anyone other than their fellow jurors. (Ted Dillon/CBC)

The jury weighing Al Potter's fate has entered a third day of deliberations at Supreme Court in St. John's. 

The group of 12 was sequestered early Tuesday afternoon, and later requested to listen back to some of Potter's testimony.

The jury was told they would have to listen to Potter's account of what happened in its entirety. Potter was on the stand for two days.

Final arguments were made Monday by lawyers in Al Potter's first-degree murder trial. The jury has been deliberating since Tuesday afternoon. (Ariana Kelland/CBC)

Dale Porter, 39, was killed early in the morning of June 29, 2014, after suffering multiple stab wounds — four of which could have been fatal, but a blow to his jugular was the most serious.

Porter, of North River, Conception Bay North, was a father of two children, and worked as a fisherman and truck driver.

The jury has listened to four weeks of testimony, including from Potter who said he was defending himself and a friend from a knife-wielding Porter.

Potter is facing a charge of first-degree murder.

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