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'I had enough': Al Potter demonstrated stabbing on me, undercover officer tells jury

Dale Porter, 39, died in hospital after being stabbed multiple times in the driveway of his home.

Warning: This story contains graphic and vulgar language some may find offensive

Al Potter stands in the prisoner's box on Day 13 of the first-degree murder trial at Supreme Court in St. John's. (Eddy Kennedy/CBC)

Al Potter was hungry after a long day — he was released from prison, drove for hours and helped bury what he believed was a body in a newly-dug grave in London, Ont. 

While stopped at a McDonald's for a bite to eat, Potter made a confession, according to the RCMP corporal that took the stand at the first-degree murder trial in St. John's on Thursday.

And, according to the officer, Potter used him to demonstrate how he killed Dale Porter two and a half years earlier in North River.

"Mr. Potter then balled up his fist in his right hand and proceeded to press his right hand into me to the front of my body, moving it three different times," the officer said, motioning towards his chest.

"Then Mr. Potter took my left hand, spun me around and pressed his same hand twice in my back."

The officer was asked to explain what Potter was gesturing as it was an audio-only recording. 

Dale Porter was 39 years old when he was killed. He had a 14-year-old son and nine-year-old daughter at the time of his death. (Family photo )

"I was protecting this guy, my brother," Potter is heard saying on the wiretap.

"The guy was telling him, this don't mean shit to me and I'm gonna f--k your lady, and I was there."

Potter continued, "So then, I walked away and he went [grunt]. I just went right around, about that deep each time. He just took it all."

When asked what Potter was referring to when he spoke about depth, the officer said he was using his index finger and thumb to show the "depth of the wounds."

"So, he was insulting one of our brother's sisters, and one of my brother's girlfriend — the same girl — and spitting on colours and this and that, and I had enough," Potter yelled. 

[I] went back, got on my bike, drove the f--k out of it. Everything got burned,- Al Potter

That revelation came after a day of attempts on Sept. 25, 2016, by the same RCMP corporal to build credibility and glean information on the homicide of Porter, a father of two from Conception Bay North.

Earlier in the day, Potter admitted he had been arrested for murder years earlier, and that his clothes were collected to be tested for DNA.

But he said he got a lawyer, didn't say a word to police, and hasn't been bothered since.

Asked if there were any loose ends that the "boss" needed to help with, Potter insisted no, over and over. 

"Mr. Potter was very reluctant to talk about anything like that in the car and unfortunately there was no lighting in the car but he made gestures to his clothing and indicted with a lighter that ... I interpreted it as the clothing he [had been wearing] was actually burnt."

Later, in the parking lot, Potter did indeed say his clothing was burnt after the stabbing.

"[I] went back, got on my bike, drove the f--k out of it. Everything got burned," Potter told the officer, including his "$500 custom jacket." 

"And your clothes are good?" the covert officer said.


'It was three years ago'

Potter was confident, at least to his new boss, that he was in the clear and that there were no "loose ends" that needed cleaning up. 

And the other man who was with him that night, his friend, made sure the weapon went into the ocean, Potter said.

"[He] looked me in the eyes, I mean, he's going down if I'm going down. It's that simple. So, I'm sure he did." 

Previous testimony from a former Vikings Motorcycle Club member turned paid police agent said he saw Shane Leonard, then-president of the club, throw a black-handled knife into the ocean at Cape Spear following Porter's death.

But it's not the only weapon mentioned in the trial thus far.

A folding knife collected from a freshwater stream in Brigus, a short distance away from the Vikings clubhouse in Cupids, has also been entered as evidence.

However, no evidence has been presented to connect Potter to the weapon. 

"That was three years ago; they've had DNA for three f--king years. They would have charged me by now."

Potter was charged the day after making those comments, the jury has heard, in the parking lot of a hotel in London. 

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