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'Five minutes of your time and a cup of tea': N.L. woman's pitch to Adele after 3 cancelled concerts

Lori Shortall is Rolling in the Deep — despair that is, after her third attempt to see Adele in concert falls short.

Lori Shortall has traveled to Houston, Phoenix and now London — and all 3 concerts have been cancelled

Lori Shortall has taken to social media in the hopes of convincing Adele to meet her for a cup of tea, after 3 separate trips over 6 years to see the singer on stage ended with each show being cancelled. (Cameron Spencer/Getty Images, Lori Shortall/Facebook)

One mega-Adele fan from St. John's has a new interpretation of the lyrics from the hit Hello — after the woman's third attempt to see the singer in concert ended yet again in dashed dreams. 

"Hellooooooo, can you hear me? Hello from the other side — you know, the side that doesn't see you," says Lori Shortall, who is currently in England, after travelling with two friends. 

"I have the worst luck. This is the third time this has happened."

Shortall was supposed to attend one of Adele's shows at Wembley Stadium in London, but the singer cancelled the performances citing vocal cord damage.

That's disappointing enough in its own right when you add up airfare, accommodations and concert tickets, but it's a pain — and tally — Shortall knows all too well. 

Lori Shortall estimates she's spent close to $10,000 on 3 trips in 6 years to see Adele on stage, but none of the concerts have gone ahead. (Lort Shortall/Facebook)

"Between the jigs and the reels, plane tickets and tickets to see her, and hotels, Airbnbs and things like that, I've got to be approaching $9,000 to $10,000," she said.

Houston, Phoenix concerts no-go

In 2011, she flew to Houston to see the singer with her sister, but Adele cancelled that concert, and many others on her tour, due to a vocal hemorrhage, also known as internal bleeding of the vocal cords. 

Last year, Shortall and her husband went to Phoenix, Ariz., and things were looking good until a couple of hours before concert was due to start.

"I got a phone call at about 6:30 driving to the concert from my friend in Newfoundland and she said, 'What are you doing?' And I said, 'Driving to Adele!' and she said, 'No, my honey, you're not. I said, 'Ha ha, not funny,' and she said, 'I know, it's cancelled.' And that's how I found out," Shortall told CBC Radio's St. John's Morning Show, from a bus tour that had stopped at Windsor Castle. 

Vocal cord issues have plagued Adele, forcing her to cancel parts of her tour over the last several years. (Matt Sayles/Associated Press)

Shortall, who is a school music teacher, said she doesn't fault Adele in the least for not performing. 

"I'm a professional musician, I'm a singer, I've been plagued with laryngitis my whole life, I wish her well — I just wish it hadn't come at the time that it did," said Shortall.

'Five minutes of your time and a cup of tea'

While she's prepared to give Adele a break, one musician to another, she does have a request for the award-winning songstress.

"We're getting up there now [in costs], so I'm like cut a girl a break — five minutes of your time and a cup of tea, you don't even have to sing anything for me."

Shortall has taken her plea to Facebook and has tagged comedian Ellen Degeneres and The Late Late Show's James Corden in the posts in the hopes of making the meet-and-greet a reality.

"My friends and I are having tea at Harrod's tomorrow afternoon, so if she would like to join us. We'll pay for hers … The invite is out there so we'd love to have her," Shortall said.

Ed, if you're listening, I hope your health is good.- Lori Shortall

And despite three failed attempts to see her idol on stage, she remains upbeat.

"London's a great place, the world is a great place, we've met some lovely people," she said. 

"Adele's a great singer and seems like a great person and everyone is like, 'I can't believe your luck,' and I say it is what it is, you know?"

Shortall has a message for artist Ed Sheeran, who she is seeing in concert Friday in Toronto. (Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

Shortall said she's trying to remain positive that her next concert date won't fall through.

"I am going to Ed Sheeran on Friday night in Toronto. So, Ed, if you're listening, I hope your health is good — stay healthy, I'm coming to see you."

With files from St. John's Morning Show