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Adam Walsh is a CBC journalist, currently based in Japan as part of a partnership with a Japanese broadcaster.

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'We're scared, obviously': Japanese worry over growing North Korean nuclear threats

North Korea's nuclear missile development program and war of words with the U.S. has meant booming business for bomb-shelter builders in Japan, an industry that many associate with the Cold War.

Hiroshima bomb memorial service overshadowed by belligerent neighbour

As Japanese students and peace activists point to the horrors of war to mark the 72nd anniversary of the Hiroshima atomic bomb, the country is jittery because of North Korean missile tests that have landed within 200 kilometres of the Japanese coast.

How Newfoundland fish feeds Asia's seafood appetite

Newfoundland and Labrador is feeding Japan's insatiable appetite for herring roe, a delicacy served up in sushi restaurants across the country.

Tokyo housing: City life draws youth, leaving seniors in depopulated suburbs

The construction cranes dotting parts of Tokyo's skyline suggest a building boom, but scores of empty homes in the decaying suburbs tell a different story, involving the elderly left behind in those depopulated neighbourhoods.

Watching the inauguration in the divided states of America

On the streets of Washington, D.C., tourists crane their necks for a glimpse of Donald Trump — although the spirit seems subdued, writes Adam Walsh.

Forget the turkey: When it comes to Christmas, 'we Japanese think of KFC chicken'

In Japan, the Christmas tradition isn’t turkey — it’s chicken. And to be specific, it’s the Kentucky fried variety.
Point of View

Life in the Tokyo rat race: A look at Japanese newsroom culture

Comparing a Japanese newsroom with CBC St. John's there are a lot of differences — and some similarities, writes Adam Walsh.

Japan dispatch: Actually getting spring is awesome

CBC St. John's reporter Adam Walsh, who is currently working in Tokyo, shares some sights from his first spring in Japan and his first "sakura" or cherry blossom season.

Fishing for China: How Newfoundland crab travels a long way to land on Asian plates

In the world of seafood exporting, you never know what may end up where - Newfoundland crab processed at a plant in China goes straight to the sushi restaurants of Tokyo.

In Shanghai, the hottest thing is live Canadian lobster delivered to your door

Chinese love of high-quality seafood triples online sales for home delivery in a year.

Fishing for China: Making money off Asia's growing appetite

The massive fish expo in Qingdao is a must-attend event in the industry, writes Adam Walsh, although it's also a sobering indicator of Newfoundland and Labrador's clout as a seafood player.

Welcome to Tokyo: So, are you ready for the Big One?

There’s a lot to do in order to get settled when you move to the other side of the planet, writes Adam Walsh, and in Tokyo, a priority item is getting ready for an earthquake.

Why China just may be the seal hunt's last hope

If you're looking for the new Always in Vogue location, it's just around the corner from Sephora in the mall. That mall, though, is in northern China, and is the new hope for an industry that's seen better days, writes Adam Walsh.

Tilt Cove, Canada's smallest town, a big draw for tourists

Tucked away in a small corner of Newfoundland's Baie Verte Peninsula, the minuscule town of Tilt Cove is hiding a whole lot of history, writes Adam Walsh.

No small anniversary: Dicks & Company celebrates its quartoseptcentennial

A company that started out binding books when Queen Victoria was a young woman is still a going concern after 175 years.