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Adam Walsh is a CBC journalist. He works primarily for the St. John's Morning Show, and contributes to television and digital programming.

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N.L. soldier training Jordan's first all-female infantry platoon

The Royal Newfoundland Regiment's Sgt. Meaghan Frank is overseas in Jordan, helping advise the first all-female infantry platoon of the Jordanian armed forces. 

Sisterhood of the travelling gown: Grad wears her great-grandmother's convocation robe

When Tiffany Small walked across the stage to collect her university degree this week, she was wearing a gown that's been there before. A few times, in fact.

'Can't be more thankful': Syrian farmers' new crops a smash hit for this operation

Farming in Portugal Cove-St. Philip's is a lot different than farming in Syria, but a new project proved to be a big hit — much like the crop of Middle Eastern produce that kept selling out.

From letters to video messages, pen pals celebrate decades-long friendship

In 1987, two high school students who lived an ocean apart began exchanging letters. Now, the pair say they're more than friends, they're family.

'We feel home': Syrian family opens new restaurant in St. John's

A Syrian family fled their war-torn country to Turkey and eventually were sponsored to come to St. John's where they have just fulfilled a dream - opening a new restaurant.

Rub-a-dub-shrub: My plunge into the well-being world of forest bathing

Is forest bathing legit or is it a cringey new age craze worthy of a Portlandia skit? CBC's Adam Walsh dove in.
Point of View

Sayonora, Tokyo: A Newfoundlander leaves the sushi behind to move back home

Now that the CBC's Adam Walsh has returned home to St. John's from Tokyo, he looks at the differences between the two cities and cultures.

How a random Google search led to a dream vacation to Newfoundland

Preston Morgan found Newfoundland on a map and wanted to learn more. Nine years later it culminated with what he calls the 'vacation of a lifetime.'

Oil and water: N.L. tries to balance economy and environment — to mixed reviews

The message from the provincial government at this year’s Noia conference is clear: the province wants more oil development, lots more.

Canadian fights to see son in Japan, where legal system leaves many parents behind

A Canadian man living in Japan who has spent years trying to reconnect with his son after a marriage breakdown says under the current system, his best chance at restoring visitation would be to move — all the way back to Canada.

'We're scared, obviously': Japanese worry over growing North Korean nuclear threats

North Korea's nuclear missile development program and war of words with the U.S. has meant booming business for bomb-shelter builders in Japan, an industry that many associate with the Cold War.

Hiroshima bomb memorial service overshadowed by belligerent neighbour

As Japanese students and peace activists point to the horrors of war to mark the 72nd anniversary of the Hiroshima atomic bomb, the country is jittery because of North Korean missile tests that have landed within 200 kilometres of the Japanese coast.

How Newfoundland fish feeds Asia's seafood appetite

Newfoundland and Labrador is feeding Japan's insatiable appetite for herring roe, a delicacy served up in sushi restaurants across the country.

Tokyo housing: City life draws youth, leaving seniors in depopulated suburbs

The construction cranes dotting parts of Tokyo's skyline suggest a building boom, but scores of empty homes in the decaying suburbs tell a different story, involving the elderly left behind in those depopulated neighbourhoods.

Watching the inauguration in the divided states of America

On the streets of Washington, D.C., tourists crane their necks for a glimpse of Donald Trump — although the spirit seems subdued, writes Adam Walsh.