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A Nova Scotia - Quebec duo win Cain's Quest

Jean-Guy AuCoin from Cheticamp, N.S. and Steve Girard from Chibougamau, Quebec have won the 3000-kilometre Cain's Quest snowmobile race.

Labrador teams take third and fourth place.

Steve Girard from Chibougamau, QC and Jean-Guy AuCoin from Cheticamp, NS won the Cain's Quest snowmobile race in Labrador City on Thursday. (CBC)

Jean-Guy AuCoin from Cheticamp, N.S. and Steve Girard from Chibougamau, Quebec have won the Cain's Quest snowmobile race.

The competition saw racers travel almost 3000-kilometres over five days. The race started and finished in Labrador City while running through seven Labrador and two Quebec communities.

Veteran smowbilers AuCoin and Girard have run every Cain's Quest since 2007, but they weren't sure they could hold on for the win.

"We were always up there and we haven't been able to win, so finally this year we pulled it off," said AuCoin.

"I was as nervous as I've ever been on a snowmobile. I had a broken frame tube, so we were only running at 60 percent, [at about] 80- or 90-kilometres an hour."

As first place finishers, the duo will take home two new snowmobiles and $1000 cash. 

Second place went to US residents - and previous Cain's Quest winners - Tim Lessard and Eric Hall.

Mark Nui and Joachim Nui from Natuashish were the top provincial finishers in third place.

Fourth place went to another Labrador team - Cain's Quest rookies - Kevin Flowers and John Lucy from Hopedale. 

Historically, only 50 percent of racers cross the finish line due to the challenging terrain that must be covered.