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A look inside MUN's new residence in St. John's

We took a tour of the new residence at Memorial University's new campus, the first of its kind to open in several decades.

Memorial University students converged on St. John's this weekend to move into residence before classes starts on Wednesday, and 250 students will be calling the first of two brand-new residence buildings home.

CBC managed to get a tour of the first of two newly-constructed buildings just before the majority of students moved in.

The buildings are the first new residences to open on campus in a few decades, and are near the Paton College complex that was built in the 1960s. The residences will help address a chronic housing problem for students, who have a challenge finding anything affordable within walking distance of campus.

The first building is ready for this semester's students, and the second building is scheduled to finish construction in January and house another 250 students.

Each room will house two students, in their own respective bedrooms and with a private bathroom — shower included.

The two six-floor buildings come equipped with laundry facilities, bicycle storage, common areas, a study room and wireless internet — not to mention some pretty handy storage space in each of the bedrooms.

Check out the above gallery to get a look at the first building.