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81-year-old Pasadena woman cross-country skis up to 20 kilometres a day

A huge amount of snow on Newfoundland's west coast has some people wanting to stay in hibernation, but octagenarian Genevieve Moss has embraced it.
Genevieve Moss, 81, says she started to ski at the age of 58. On some days, she skis up to 20 kilometres. (Bernice Hillier/CBC)

A huge amount of snow on Newfoundland's west coast has some people wanting to stay in hibernation, but octogenarian Genevieve Moss has embraced it.   

At 81, the Pasadena resident epitomizes healthy living in one's golden years.

Moss is an avid cross-country skier, but didn't take it up until the age of 58.

She hasn't looked back.

"I moved to Pasadena, and then I just wanted something to do. I was pretty active," she said. "So I started skiing and I bought these old skis for $5. I started on the old train track, and I would ski a bit ... and after a while, I found out about this place here."

The "place" Moss refers to is the Pasadena Ski & Nature Park.

Moss told the Corner Brook Morning Show that as therapy following her husband's death four years after the move to the town, she took up skiing in a big way.  

"So I started skiing across the lake. That was good therapy. If you're stressed, or you got something on your mind, at that time I was grieving, I could cry, I could pray, I could do what I like," she said. 

"I ski every day, some days I have done up to 25 kilometres. Depends on how you feel, seven 10, 15 [kilometres], whatever. If I miss a day coming in here, I don't feel right. First I would do the outside runs, but now I take on any run."

When asked how she retains so much energy at 81, Moss said she's "got the energy to do it" and encourages area residents to try out the park.

"I hope everybody in Pasadena appreciates what they've got. It's so nice for kids, elderly people too. Such a beautiful place."

With files from Bernice Hillier


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